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As you know I’m not backward in coming forward in espousing the virtues of sunscreen.  Having lived at a Queensland beach for 21 years and holidayed at a the beach for many, many years before that, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that my pale complexion and sun are not a beautiful mix.

Far from it.

So while, I’ll enjoy a splash and a body surf as much as the next surfer chick (bahaa), the only time you’ll find me sitting on the beach for any length of time will be under a shady umbrella, under a shady hat and wearing big shady sunglasses.

It’s just not worth doing anything else.  For starters, sunburned skin is not a good look on anyone.  And I don’t want to end up looking like this at 60:

Remember Magda from Something About Mary? Not a good look, people

And worse still, I certainly don’t want to ever experience a frightening diagnosis of melanoma.

Which is why when Laura from the Warwick Foundation’s No Tan Jan campaign contacted me about spreading the word for this fantastic cause, she didn’t have to ask twice.

It shocks me to the core to see teenage girls and boys lying out in the sun with the sole purpose of getting a tan.  Things don’t improve with 20 and 30 year olds either apparently, with melanoma the most common cancer for young Australians aged 18-39.

Have you not heard of fake tan? (I want to scream, when I see sweet young things lying prone in the midday sun?)

I’m a spray tan fan.  Big time.  Whenever I have a special occasion coming up, I visit a wonderful woman who works from her home and knows just what hint of colour is going to work fabbo on me. 

In between time, I an even bigger fan of gradual tanners.  These are the no brainers of the fake tanning world.  You CANNOT stuff them up.

Gradual tanners contain a clever mix of fake tan and moisturiser, which is why they offer fake tanning for dummies.  I apply every day after my shower and over time it builds up to a nice glow, without streaks and without the patchy look that comes about a week after a spray tan.

This is my current fave gradual tanner:

Rodial Brazilian Tan DAILY $65. Available at Myer

And this is my tried and true gradual tanner – the one you can throw into your trolley at the supermarket along with bread and milk:

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion $12.95

So, the Rodial brazilian tan DAILY comes with a cult following in the UK (they’re the makers of Glamoxy Snake Serum that you’ve probably heard about in recent months).  Celebs who love Rodial’s tanning products include Jen Aniston, Eva Longoria and Elle Macpherson.

What do I love about it?  The smell, the texture and the results.  It’s coconut scented (which always gets a big tick in my beauty book).  It goes on like a dream and with 5% DHA it provides a very gradual build up.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion offers a gradual tan but on steriods.  I usually see a difference after one application (which can be handy if I’ve been in a hurry and missed a day or two).  The smell is still nice, although not has good as the Rodial.  The big plus is that at this price you can afford to slather it on without worrying about the cost.

Do you use a gradual tanner?  I’d love to hear what you recommend and why?  And while you’re here, make sure you head over and donate or sign up to No Tan Jan.

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  1. Such a worthy message. A light tan looks lovely (fake of course – I’m a big fan of the spray tan too), but the real thing comes at such a price. Plus I loathe that leather handbag look.

    Here in the UK tans are SUCH a big deal, it’s quite funny. Summer is all about getting a tan… and you can spot a solarium lover a mile away. It’s understandable in a way b/c of the winters, but still, can’t be good for you can it.

    I think most of the people sunbaking back home in Aus are from overseas aren’t they? Don’t us Aussies all congregate under giant beach umbrellas? (Apart from anything else, it’s so much more pleasant under one, and it means you can stay at the beach for longer!)

    A rambling comment sorry.

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      LOVE waking up to your comments – rambling or succinct! Yes, most Aussie families are found under umbrellas (or bloody big gazebos) at the beach. It’s when the teens and 20somethings head to the beach that all the sun safe messages their parents instilled in them are seemingly forgotten.

      It’s not surprising (yet still scary) in UK about the solarium use. I remember visiting as a child and that first day after winter when the sun came out. EVERYONE sat outside nearly naked on their nearest piece of grass soaking it up. Hilarious.

  2. Hi Nikki!

    First, I LOVE that you are advocating no tanning…it’s soooo bad for you! I’ve written a post about this myself:


    Second, I found your blog via The Blog Stylist. I noticed she said for good karma, I should visit the blog of the commenter above me…and you’re it! I love the idea of that. So here I am.


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