WIN: A summer overnight escape for two at Vibe Hotels

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I’m officially on my STAYcation, holidaying at home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (if I say beautiful, surely we will see some beautiful weather some time soon?). I thought I’d pop by on the blog, say hi, and oh, give you the chance to win an overnight escape for two.

Sounds very appealing, doesn’t it?

There’s something about a hotel stay that even for one night feels like a complete escape.  For me, it’s all about the bed …  get your mind back into G rating land … it’s all about not having to MAKE the bed the next morning.

So, if like me, you’re yearning for a night away, listen up. 

Styling You, in conjunction with Vibe Hotels, is giving one lucky reader the chance to win an overnight stay package in the Vibe Hotel of their choice (you’ll find Vibe Hotels in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Darwin).

Renee Bargh tests out the new Vibe Hotel summer beach towel

The reason:  Vibe Hotels has launched its chic and luxurious Summer Vibe Towel ($30 or part of the Summer Vibe package*), which emerging Australian talent Renee Bargh has declared is the “the ultimate must-have in my holiday beach bag”.

“I do lots of travelling for work, so launching the Summer Vibe Towel is the perfect fit for me as it really does combine all of the things I love,” said Renee.

Escape to a Vibe Hotel this summer

The design of the towel encapsulates then character and mood of both Vibe Hotels and the lifestyle of the iconic Australian summer.

“Summer in Australia is all about savouring hot, sunny days poolside or at the beach and this season we’re thrilled to launch the new Summer Vibe Towel. We’ve got Vibe’s guests covered when it comes to looking stylish by the water this summer,” said Rachel Argaman, CEO of Toga Hospitality.

*The Summer Vibe package includes: overnight accommodation, buffet breakfast for two, late check-out at midday and the Summer Vibe Towel. The package starts from $189 per night.   Prices vary per hotel, towel and accommodation packages are subject to availability. Valid until March 31, 2011. One towel per stay. For more information, visit: or call: 13 VIBE (8423).

Don't you just love a hotel bed?

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED.  THE WINNER IS SANDRA DICKENSON, from VICTORIA, who has won a Summer Vibe hotel package, which includes overnight accommodation for two adults at any Vibe Hotel in Australia, buffet breakfast for two, late check out till 12 noon 1 and a Summer Vibe Towel.

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Comments 341

  1. No kids or responsibilities to spoil the mood,
    Simply loving from my babe and great room service food!
    Relaxation at the Vibe, a hotel stay I would absolutely prescribe!

  2. No cleaning, no cook no bed making needed, simply being pampered in luxury and indulging in treats such as chocolates and champagne, totally unimpeded!

  3. The Best thing about escaping to a hotel room is the luxury, having such a nice environment around you is great to escape to even just for a night. Id pick a hotel over camping any day lol

  4. ‘Good, good, good, good VIBErations!’
    I’m coming, – for relaxation!
    TIDY, luxury accommodation!
    Sheer bliss!
    I wish…!

  5. Escaping overnight to a hotel is an adventure, check out the room relax, check the room again. Eat out usually, come back in. Admire the bathroom and wish mine was as nice. All other details are censored as what happens in the hotel room stays in the hotel room. It is nice to have an adults only night away from the kids.

  6. I’d actually love to win this for my mum and my brother, my mum is my carer and my brother goes out to work for us everyday to pay our rent, bills and groceries. My mum hasn’t been away for a holiday in over 11 years. It’s very tiring for her to look after me everyday. If I can win my mum a day and night off from looking after me it will make me happy knowing she can have one night off to relax and have time for herself. I know that will make her happy too.

  7. I wish I may
    I wish I might
    take the perfect girl
    for the perfect night
    at a Vibe Hotel
    to blow her mind
    and love in her heart

  8. Time to relax, have fun, chill out and revive,
    an overnight stay in a hotel means no washing dishes, making beds or waking to an alarm….
    Pure “Us Time” indulgence that would really work a charm!

  9. I love hotels little vacations in an overnight stay
    not making the bed and eating breakfast buffets
    relaxing by the pool, having fun
    fitting everything in before the stays done

  10. Escaping to a hotel overnight is like taking a luxury vacation, even if it is in the same city. A break from the everyday mundane things that life throws at you. A hotel break is a like a mini holiday!

  11. Ahh bliss an overnight stay without my two rug rats, hehe. Have not been away from them overnight since the first was born nearly four years ago (gee has it been that long, lol) One night would be ideal though coz any longer and I would miss them too much 😉

  12. I’d love to sleep the entire night in the same bed as hubby!! Normally one of us is up and down or sharing beds with our 3 young kids!! I’d be nice to not have an arm or leg wack you in the face when your sleeping!! 🙂

  13. Decisions, decisions, decisions….. champagne or cocktail, buffet or room service, spa or massage, gym or sleep in…I’m getting the VIBE to easily decide!!!!

  14. With a bed that size, all you wanna do is get down low,jump up and down and hopefully not make too much noise, cause jumping on the bed is a dangerous sport!

  15. I love the excitement of getting away from home, and being with hubby in a new setting!
    djchilds at hot mail dot com

  16. I love to have an excuse to literally do nothing and just relax! Not something I am good at but I really enjoy taking time out.

  17. For the chance to relax and indulge in deluxe comfort with my husband and not be “Mummy” for 24 hours!

  18. From the freshly pressed sheets, fluffy towels and deliciously comfy robe (all in soothing white of course) an escape to a hotel is a little luxurious treat, away from the world, even just for a few hours.

  19. i love the fact that you can go to the pool whenever you want, order room service and just relax without having to feel guilty or having the “i should be doing something else instead of relaxing” thought.

  20. Being able to do something romantic for my partner and enjoying eachother’s company with no distractions and in luxury.

  21. A beautiful pink suitcase
    lying alone, taking up space
    wants to be used
    but doesn’t know where to go
    An escape to a Vibe Hotel would be great
    Just me and my wonderful soulmate.

  22. The opportunity to escape with my partner and chill out in a beautiful hotel to relax and leave daily life behind for a while.

  23. its simple but true i love staying in hotels for the vast fact that i dont have to wash the linen i can order food to my room without having to cook it myself and i get the use of the facilities that i dont have at home eg the pool ,sauna,dayspa,etc etc

  24. What I like best about escaping overnight is that the everyday pressures of family life are forgotten for the shortest period. It is just you and the person of your choice in my case my wonderful husband and nothing else matters.

  25. To experience fine hospitality and accommodation while enjoying time relaxing with my partner ,sleeping late and not having to cook breakfast in the morning.

  26. what I like best about escaping overnight to a hotel is the chance for hubby and I to watch new relese movies, lying in bed, eating room service without roudy kids about! Oh Bliss… we come alive in Vibe wrap us up in SUMMER VIBE TOWEL an send us on our way!

  27. I just love escaping away from the kids, just my husband and I to have quality time together, sleeping in and and lazing about with not a care in the world.

  28. Time alone with her so dear;
    No excitable boys to interfere;
    Pillow fights; staying up late;
    Movies, shopping, dining;
    We’d have such fun on our date;
    Space with no nagging, we’d both leave clothes on the floor;
    As, with my precious teenager, I reconnect once more!

  29. Enjoying an intimate and relaxing night alone with my husband, then sleeping in and not having to make the bed or breakfast for anyone in the morning.

  30. what I like best about escaping overnight to a hotel> intimacy, freedom and the possibility not to cook and not to make up my bed the next morning…

  31. I like making love to my husband like we were teenagers, instead of having to sneak around because theres teenagers in the house!

  32. Sneaking away overnight to Vibe makes me feel very, very naughty. But there’s no price to pay if I get “caught” by my husband…because he’s my partner in naughtiness!

  33. I enjoy quality time with the ones I love with no temptations to do work, no cleaning to be done, no clocks to be watched, no emails to answer, and the opportunity for a great sleep-in followed by a gorgeous breakfast. When would that ever happen at home!?

  34. My husband and I like to spend the weekend at Vibe Hotels when we want to get away from it all and have some quiet time alone. We mind our two small grandchildren during the week and it’s great to be pampered with a great buffet breakfast and a sleep in.

  35. My favourite thing about escaping to a hotel overnight is not having to clean up after anyone and sleeping on a crisp clean bed!

  36. I love escaping for a weekend away as I walk into the room and everything is clean, simple and ready to go! No stress on the mind…just relaxation!

  37. I love being able to relax and take time to really appreciate the less demanding aspects of life. Staying at a hotel especially means that you can be free of all responsibility and mundane domestic duties- perfect!!


  38. Getting away with my husband would be nice,
    leaving the kids at home is great advice.
    I’d love to feel the luxury,
    of taking the Vibe towel home with me.

  39. i love getting away from my kids, spending the night in the hotel spa with some wine, going out to dinner and spending time alone with my husband which we dont get alot of as my son has autism so also a well earned break

  40. its my birthday this month and my hubby never does anything nice for me but this would be a great place to go to enjoy my birthday

  41. The opportunity to side-step real life and explore, walk down streets you have never seen, eat at restaurants you have never heard of. Immersing yourself in the energy of a new place and soaking it all in.

  42. Same as all the above…
    reading everyones comments, we all have something in common, we have lives with husbands, children, jobs and responsibilities…just escaping your responsibilities for 24 hours is often enough to rejuvenate and re-fresh the mind, body and soul!!!

  43. Having an escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life and doing things with your loved ones that you can’t do regularly when at home 😉

  44. A night alone with my husband away from all the everyday worries of kids and juggling finances and seemingly endless chores could be just the answer to bring back the romance in our lives. I could end up a winner in more ways than one.

  45. Every so often, it’s great to be the pamper-ee instead of the pamper-er. And a great boutique hotel is where I go to get “pamped”!

  46. A rare break from our tribe
    Really has a special “Vibe”
    I wouldn’t give up for any bribe!
    Reality is put on hold,
    Romancing becomes quite bold
    (Like our courting days of old)!
    The rest of this story can’t be told!

  47. A relaxing night in a hotel gives me a great Vibe, Leaving the Tribe at home would be great. Im sure its just what the doctor would prescribe.

  48. i would love to win something and this would be nice as my partner and i have been together for a year on valentines day and this would be a beautiful present

  49. The truth be told what I think I would like most about a overnight escape is that I would get some much needed sleep. I wouldn’t have to get up to a screaming toddler 2-3 times during the night. To go to sleep and wake up the next morning to the sunshine would be amazing! I think also having the bed child free would also be a pleasure, no kicking me in the back! Oh and a cuddle with hubby would be nice too!

  50. Spending so time with just my partner and no interuptions. That includes mobiles turned OFF. Not to mention not having to cook breaky or make the bed the next day 🙂

  51. A sleep in….cooked breakfast, wonderful locations…does it get any better…oh yes – granny over to no kids

  52. With my family in tow
    there is no better place to go
    then away from the chores of the home
    all over Australia we would rome!

  53. i can only pray for a night away
    a glass of bubbly and a massage from hubby
    i would leave my tribe for a night at VIBE

  54. Ultimate indulgence is time away,
    From the households noisy fray,
    Massage from hubby….gotta admit,
    He’d better be good or he won’t get a bit!

  55. I can wake up in the morning and breakfast is made for me and my room cleaned magically by the wonderful hotel staff

  56. Not having to make the bed, not having to put the towels back where they should be, waking up late and somebody else cooking breaskfast for you -what a life -even for one day!!! Heaven!!!

  57. If you have three kids under the age of five you know that just getting some time alone with your wife is a battle. So the thought of getting a night away on our own sounds like paradise. I’m sure you have a conscience, so help us out by starting 2011 with a bit of a bang.

  58. I love the escapism of losing myself in a time long forgotten, before children arrived and i could lay in bed late and eat chocolates for breakfast.

  59. I can put a pause on my life and take a breather from everyday stresses. also, you have food cooked, beds made, and knowing that when you go to bed there is that feeling of crisp clean fresh linen

  60. The clean fresh bedsheets
    The airconditioned room
    The novelty of opening all the cupboards to checkout whats there
    The breakfast you don’t have to make in the morning
    The feeling that you can recreate yourself!

  61. Basically escaping reality & the rat race.
    there’s nothing better than waking up knowing you can order room service ,
    breakfast in bed , not having to go to work, clean the house, just RELAX 😀
    and of course snuggling with my man in fresh sheets & fluffy robes!
    Ohh and my favourite a SPA ! Mmmm bliss 🙂

  62. White sheets, only in a hotel, eating room service ice cream sundae while sitting on white sheets – it’s pure evil.

  63. Staying in a hotel even for one night is a true escape from your woes. No housework, no bills, no dramas. It is a good way to refresh yourself and start anew. Everyone should treat themselves to a night away from home to pamper themsleves and indulge and sit back, relax and let the hotel take care of you.

  64. i love the late check outs and the big comfortable beds, the room service and the buffet breakfasts, the relaxing atmosphere of the hotel room, a marble bathroom with a hot spa.

  65. Staying at a Vibe hotel with that degree of luxury and service is what I love about travelling. Could stay there anytime.

  66. Little bottles of shampoo,
    No beds to make or dishes to do,
    A friendly smile from the staff,
    Time to relax and enjoy a laugh.

  67. For just one night to forget and leave all the troubles of home life at the door and finally relax and enjoy a stress-free day and night at an amazing location. Also to be able to pause for a moment and see the world for what it really is with a loved one. Creating long lasting, happy moments.

  68. I love being able to escape from everything, even if just for one night. To be able to forget about our responsibilities and burdens, and enjoy just ‘being’.

  69. There is something super sexy and naughty about being in a hotel room with your partner – summer is the perfect time to embrace these moments 😉

  70. It’s a much needed escape from reality, which quite frankly is pretty rubbish at the moment. A chance to feel like everything is OK, even if it isn’t.

  71. Being able to surprise my partner with a night out then a romantic night in being able to shut the blinds and sleep in without having that annoying alarm clock to wake you up in the morning!

  72. To be honest the little smelly suprises in the bath and showers, the cute little take home shampoos. and offcourse the clean sheets.

  73. I’m a single Mum to 3 kids 🙂 I’d run away with my best friend and leave our kids with the grandparents and escape from reality for a while…… one day It will be with a partner again. For now it’s with my best friend though and it would be bliss!!

  74. A night away allows you to escape from you everyday worries and takes you to your relaxed state. I forget about work and focus all my attention on my wife and relaxing, I love a night or a weekend away!

  75. No dishes, no cooking, no making beds. All the channels you want, room service and if you’re lucky, a spa! What’s not to like?

  76. I love the opportunity to switch off from my everyday life and pretend I’m someone else for just 24 hours.
    I treat myself to the various luxuries I wouldn’t find at home – room service, pay TV, pool, spa etc. I ignore my budget and just focus on my surroundings so that I might be able to indulge in all the extravagances on offer, enjoy myself to the fullest and soak up the rarity of the situation.

  77. no cooking. no cleaning. And more importantly, no pets sooking at the foot of the bed at 4am wanting to go outside and pee!

  78. To lose this comp would be a pity,
    let’s hope this entry is very witty!
    From room service and gourmet meals,
    To the facilities, so unreal!

  79. i love turning the aircon down as low as it will go, then snuggling under the covers and watching movies, without having to worry about electricity bills for one day 🙂

  80. what you like best about escaping overnight to a hotel?
    I can hide, turn my phone off and no one knows where I am to call me to sort out their worries or burden me with extra ones. It’s bliss.

  81. Don’t have to make the bed, cook breakfast, or listen to the sounds of “Muuuuuum!” well before I feel ready to wake up!

  82. For one night, I will be able to shut the door – wrap myself in my lover’s arms and forget that the outside world exists. No more planning, no more expectations and no thoughts about what might be – just the here, and now.

  83. Being able to:-
    walk around naked
    sleep till late
    have a luxurious breakfast
    use the lovely fluffy towels
    use the mini fridge
    And much more…

  84. Best has to be fluffy pillows, a great nights sleep, a bed I don’t have to make and a great buffet breakfast with an egg chef to make a fabulous omelet!

  85. I love staying in hotels because it removes me from routine. I no longer feel like that guy who goes to work every day, or that guy who does this or that every day, but like ME. The best way to find yourself again is to experience the unfamiliar. And my wife is no longer that person who cooks for me when I get home either, so it’s great for rekindling romance too.

  86. I love waking up in a hotel without 2 wriggling kids stealing the doona or leaving weetbix crumbs in the bed. Just me and hubby, bliss.

  87. I love to KISS – keep it simple stupid. A lovely night out in the city with a late breakfast and checkout. KISS! PERFECT!

  88. telling me what you like best about escaping overnight to a hotel.

    It’s like finding a crack into a parallel universe of tranquility and luxury… where you can almost stop time while you rewind. The best part is the new lease of life that just one night can give you to burst bake into your life through the crack, refreshed!

  89. Even if the hotels just down the road, it feels like your a million miles away when your living it up in beautiful hotel, no cooking & no one to look after, just being looked after is a holiday in itself

  90. On those rare occasions that I get away, I love feeling like a woman for a change, not just a busy mum and wife. An overnight escape affords me some ‘me’ time!! Pure bliss!!

  91. I love how an overnight hotel stay makes you feel like you’re a celeb in the movies! It’s a short, novel fantasy that adds a touch of glamour to the week – who can resist saying to a colleague: “Oh, I’m just off to a hotel this evening..”

  92. I just love the anticipation! Packing my bag and getting excited about a night of rest and relaxation without the kid!

  93. Sitting in a spa
    Glass in hand
    Room Service just been called
    Or Sitting in fluffy dressing gowns
    Not wanting to come back to reality
    Sleeping in a king size bed
    my list could keep going

  94. V – a Very much needed break away
    I – how much we want I cannot say!
    B – grateful we would ever Be,
    E – if VIBE makes our next getaway Easy!

  95. I love the feeling of relaxation you get when you are not home, for some reason even doing the same things as you would at home is always more fun somewhere else just for one night

  96. Time spent away in a hotel in a different city is a wonderful way for me to switch off the pressures of my daily life and completely relax. No shopping lists, no cleaning, no gardening, no errands, no work, just pure time for me to do the things I love. Eat, drink, read and chill!

  97. Fluffiness that can never be achieved at home: Fluffy pillows, fluffy bathrobes, fluffy carpet under your toes and most of all… clouds that appear fluffier and whiter when true relaxation bliss of a holiday is achieved!

  98. A chance for stress and tension disappear
    Relax, unwind and indulge without out a care
    A stay at The Vibe Hotel – take me there!

  99. A new baby is cause for celebration,
    But I’m in desperate need of relaxation,
    A night at the Vibe Hotel my salvation!

  100. An overnight stay at Vibe would be
    The best thing for my hubby and me
    No Kids, whinging, whining and fighting
    We’d be able to enjoy just ‘us’ when dining
    We’d come back refreshed; much better parents’
    Home again to our fulltime commitments.

  101. others to cook,
    others to clean,
    freshest of linen,
    we’ve ever seen.
    away from the kids,
    away from the pets,
    the food and the service,
    as good as it gets!

  102. Hotel stays are always great.
    Especially if you can check out late.
    Relax and unwind beside the pool.
    Winning this would be really cool!!

  103. We’ve been madly trying to getaway.
    For a Vibe indulgent overnight stay.
    Fun and romance I will portend.
    The outcome? Can’t say, it may offend.

  104. After having 3 kids and a whining husband I would love to take him away and try and rekindle the romance within us and what better was to do this than in a lovely stylish hotel as vibe

  105. Peace & Quiet, Oh what bliss,
    Even though the kids I’ll miss,
    Some relaxing time away,
    From my faced paced everyday,
    So I’m all packed and ready to go,
    If I’m a winner, can’t wait to know!

  106. what a lot of thought must have gone into the design of these hotels, would love to win an escape and enjoy a time away

  107. Vibe Hotel is the place to be
    My wife and I will make history
    Crisp sheets and clean linen
    Maybe I could be fogiven
    For thinking that I’m in heaven
    Five star service from all the staff
    They definately don’t do things by half.

  108. A mini break makes me feel free. I still get excted about the little soaps and bubble bath!! Meeting people in the elevator and making polite conversation on the way down really takes me out of my comfort zone. I Love to get away.

  109. Nothing better than a relaxing soak in the tub, dry with fresh, fluffy towels than slip into a comfy, clean bed after a busy day!

  110. A night out for room service, watching movies, eating the lollies and drinking mini everything what is there not to love? Pure convenience!

  111. One night or ten away from home where the bills are waiting to be paid the ironing is sitting and everyone wants to know whats for dinner.
    It is still a holiday where no of the above exist even if its just for 24 hours.

  112. Please don’t laugh but i have NEVER stayed in a hotel!!

    I have always wanted to and with my birthday coming up on the 11th of January, this would be a great time to change that!!

  113. Vibe Hotel! is the best they really know how to look after a person and treat them like royality.No kids, no cats,peace and quiet,no stress,just unadulterated enjoyment

  114. The feeling of deserving a stylish, comfortable and contemporary space I can relax and unwind and enjoy some self rejuvenation.

  115. A vibe night away means, more time re-connecting, holding hands and laughing because “re-creating happiness” is my motto.

  116. Staying at a Vibe Hotel is a sparkling space
    Located in fantastic locations all over the place
    A majical overnight option
    And great value room offers
    The rooms are spacious and comfortable
    And the breakfest buffet sounds amazing and wonderful
    The rooms on the Vibe website look so nice and clean
    The perfect Hotel to stay in where I’ve never been

  117. Staying at a Vibe Hotel is a sparkling space
    Located in fantastic locations all over the place
    A majical overnight option
    And great value room offers
    The rooms are spacious and comfortable
    And the breakfest buffet sounds is amazing and wonderful
    The rooms on the Vibe website look so nice and clean
    The perfect Hotel to stay in where I’ve never been

  118. A night away is always so relaxing and refreshing, (even if you don’t get much sleep ;)!) There is always the added excitement!
    The rooms and pool look amazing! Would love to check it out.

  119. Relaxing poolside then ordering room service while looking at a beautiful view. Slipping into silky soft sheets and sleeping in before a buffet breakfast. Heaven!

  120. It makes me feel like im one of the rich and famous, living the high life….even though its only for a few nights…its priceless!! 🙂

  121. I LOVE shopping, but when I’m finally done, foot sore, tired and just want to lie down, the last thing I want to face is the long train trip home. Relaxing in luxury and admiring my purchases, now that’s a shopping trip!

  122. Vibe is great, it really rates, enjoy the buffet breakfasts & dinner is pretty good too, plus NO washing up – much more romantic.

  123. It’s a quick break from the Norm,
    No kids and no big yawn!
    Instead, romance and a great dinner,
    Hope I’ll be a winner!

  124. You get to stay in a modern beautiful hotel room, makes you forget all about the cooking and cleaning at home!!

  125. The best thing about an overnight stay is that it feels like you’re on holiday, even if the hotel is local! You can enjoy the area as a ‘tourist’ and enjoy the break!

  126. Having 12 kids in the house over the holidays a break away from the noise levels would be bliss. Instead of me being “Room Service”, I could kick back and have someone else do it!

  127. Surrounded by modern decor and fantastic facilities like pool, gym and restaurant make an overnight stay special. Don’t have to make the bed in the morning. Fresh, fluffy towels for a luxurious shower. No cleaning up and then off to a sumptious breakfast. So wonderful.

  128. My very best friend in the world lives in Melbourne (me Brissy)She is filing for divorce this month and I would love to surprise her with a night away. Just her and me,just one night to escape all the drama….fingers crossed 🙂

  129. Having a glass of red, without having to wait until the kids are in bed, and what the heck it goes without saying, the hotel …..breakfast.

  130. A night at Vibe would be bliss. For the last 5 years my cat has woken me up each morning at 3am – a night off from the screaming and kneading feline would be fantastic!! Would be nice to spend some alone time with hubby too LOL!

  131. Oh, so many things. A freshly made bed, a nice breakfast in bed, no housework, a swim in the pool and the best thing, no visitors to muck up my day.

  132. The sheer joy of a kingsize bed,a luxurious bathroom gives me such a lift. It only takes one night in paradise to revive ones spirit.

  133. The sheer essence of ‘getting away’. Briefly escaping to recharge the batteries and re-kindleing some romance, that often takes a back seat due to our busy lifestyles!

  134. Using the bathroom without any interuptions, eating while my food is the right temperature and the big one, being able to drink a cup of coffee – while it is still hot! All things I would love at a getaway with hubby as the kids are elsewhere being lovingly cared for.

  135. i absolutely love going and staying in the city. most recently we stayed at the shangri-la for our anniversary and early in the year at the hilton. i love it. we dont have a bath in our house so it is always a must to have a bath in the room. doesnt have to be a spa or anything fancy. just a bath.

    plus i absolutely love their bed. super comfy. and the pillows you just sink right into! it is absolute bliss.

    but the reason why i love it is because it is time with just the boyfriend and me. as we live with his father so it means that we can have just us time. which i love. <3

  136. Hmmmmmm …. So many things to love! I love the crispy white hotel sheets that you climb into after a big bubble bath. Hotel stays are the ultimate form of relaxation!

  137. I love climbing into crisp fresh sheets usually tucked in so much you cannot roll over, I like the excitement of running in and checking out the room, flinging the fridge door open and marvelling at the minibar, lying on the bed with my man and seeing what is on Foxtel.

  138. This homemaker, mother, loving wife, seeks ‘luxury’ escape from her chaotic life! With 6 children any escape is considered luxury and the Vibe would be absolute heaven to escape the big wet on the Sunshine Coast for a couple of days and enjoy a Summer Night of bliss. 🙂

  139. Escaping would be the word! Escaping the racket, the din, the clamour, the hollering, yelling and screeching, not to mention the blare of the bagpipes and the deafening drumming.

    My children are lovely but they make so much noise and there seems to be zillions of them.

    Just a wee escape works wonders at restoring maternal equilibrium, a little freedom goes a long, long way.

  140. Well a night away literally means the world to me. I like to enjoy everything the hotel has to offer & I could be anywhere in the world. My husbands buissiness has meant we have never been ever to travel far so a weekend at the Hyatt I think “well I could be anywhere I choose my imagination to take me” & as you said I don’t have to make the bed, an a la carte meal is merely a button on a phone & I can eat this while snuggling up to my loved one watching an in house movie. The kids are safely at Grans so I can wake up slowly the next day & hey, I can have a beautiful breakfast. Now how much more could you want – that is more than enough to “pop my bonnett” love Styling You XXXX

  141. What I love about a night away with my husband is timetake in the view and be inspired.
    My husband received the ultimate gift this Christmas, a kidney transplant. I would adore the opportunity to spoil my man in his recovery and escape the habitual hospital visits involved with this procedure to give him the inspiration to dream about our family’s future,that is beginning to look very bright.

  142. Sounds fabulous …. escape from my computer, escape with my lovely hubby, escape to a luxurious getaway ….. mmmmm pure escapism! Love it, thanks for the opportunity to dream 🙂

  143. No doubt, my fave part of a short escape (even in my own city) is enjoying a long bubble bath (with champers, of course)- that I don’t have to clean afterward, lounging in a luxurious bed – that I don’t have to make afterward, and even ordering some yummy food from room service eaten off of plates that I won’t ave to scrub myself afterward. In other words – total, decadent, indulgence!!

  144. Someone attends to every whim!
    No housework, to have to begin!
    No tears, tantrums,
    Our turn to play!
    What I love best about hotel stays

  145. I can have a drink or three when going out as usually I’m the designated driver and we live on the Central Coast, over an hour from Sydney. It would be so nice to stay over night after an evening out. No worrying about being over the limit, a nice relaxing breakfast, maybe a quick dip before heading up the F3.

  146. Room Service, No Teenagers! R & R with my best friend my husband, who has taken great care of me after my spinal surgeries ( which i am now on the mend from) i think he would love some room service, he’s been in charge of the household as well as the business for the past 6 months.

  147. Great competition!!

    I love escaping to a hotel because they have all the luxuries I don’t have in my house, such as a working shower, carpet, non-leaking ceiling and room service!

  148. Great competition, Nikki! That hotel looks beautiful! I’ve been pretty fortunate with travel over the last couple of years, so I’ll leave my entry open for someone else. 🙂

  149. An overnight hotel escape means no LAUNDRY!! No piles of it needing washing or folding or ironing or hanging out… Bliss…

  150. I like staying up late watching in-house movies, drinking champagne in bed, sleeping in, buffet all-you-can-eat breakfasts and lazing by the pool. Bliss!

    *footnote – in my fantasy the three children are staying with their grandma!

  151. I’d like, scratch that. I’d LOVE the comfort and luxury! The fact that you can choose to order in or go out! Someone else is responsible for the housework and I’d get an entire nights sleep because Nanna would have my two boys 9mth and 23mths. Oh to dream!

  152. I dont think i have had a propper holiday even a 1 night escape for just me and the hubs That would be fantastic .As most know my hubs is really ill with M.H.E (bone cancer) and we never really get any just us time .

    well our 18th wedding anniversary is coming up Jan 30th and we really wanna try to renew our vowles etc… To have a romantic 1 night away with him would be so wonderful .
    I hope he will be around to see yet another christmas with our kids xxx

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