What’s your makeup alter-ego? Let Illamasqua help you find out

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Are you someone who gets super excited about visiting a makeup counter?  Or does it overwhelm you?  I fall firmly in the excited camp.  And it’s with this kid-in-candy-store mentality that I head into Myer Brisbane City to experience the new makeup kid on the Australian beauty block, Illamasqua.   

So, what is Illamasqua? 

This British cult brand, which launched in 2008, has quickly picked up a fan base since arriving in Australia (exclusively at select Myer stores) in October.  Some of these fans have already experienced Illamasqua in the UK or the US (it’s in Sephora).  Others, like Rebecca in the video below, have been drawn like bees to a honey pot by the brand’s incredible product range that boasts pigments that pack a powerful punch.  And in Rebecca’s case, that’s a powerful orange punch! 


At the heart of Illmasqua is the ability for makeup lovers to take on whatever persona they wish.  It certainly adds new meaning to the the phrase, “putting on your face”.   

Before I sit down to experience my transformation** (which geniously gets recorded on a DVD so you can go away and study how the look was achieved at home and perfect if you fall into the overwhelmed category mentioned above), I’m transfixed by the displays of colour … from the nail colour stands, to the eye pigments, it’s a makeup lover’s dream playground.   

Illamasqua nail colours ... one big mani and pedi rainbow here

I’ve never really thought about my makeup “alter ego” but I guess what I always yearn for in a makeup look is a more (ahhem …)youthful look.  So today, I look to “Fairie” from Illamasqua’s Art of Darkness campaign for inspiration.  She’s a vision in youthful loveliness so I set counter manager Tiarah this challenging task.    

This is a makeup-free, not-so-youthful canvas

This is after Tiarah has worked her magic. What do you think? Youthful and glowing?

Now, you don’t go from Before to After with a mere slap of foundation here and a lick of mascara there.  There’s a lot of prep work on that very raw canvas.   

The line up Illamasqua products required to achieve my "youthful" alter ego

These are the five key products that are destined to become regulars in my makeup kit:  

1.  Liquid Light Foundation #210 $55.  As the name suggests, this product is so deliciously light.  Not a foundation I would normally reach for myself but it works.  And still gives good coverage.  

2.  Illuminate in Halcyon $34.  I’m seriously in love this product.  Tiarah uses it as a canvas for my eye makeup.  It illuminates the eye colour she adds later and makes my eyes “pop” … in a good way.  

3.  Lies Cream blush $42.  OMG.  When applied just at the tops of my cheek bones, towards the temples, it’s like I’ve had an instant facelift, such is the effect of this soft pink glow.  It’s also cleverly applied with a thin lip brush to the cupid’s bow of my lip, creating a fullness that I just don’t have.  

4.  Static pure pigment $39.  This is the icing on the cake for my eye colour application.  It’s the extra illuminating shuz that completes the picture.  

5.  Climax Lip Colour $39.  Oh, how I love this pretty pink statement lip.  Perfect for a daytime look and a lunch date with my husband, which is where I’m heading now.  

You’ll find Illamasqua makeup counters at Myer stores, including Brisbane City, Robina (Gold Coast), Sydney City, Bondi and Melbourne City.  I’m told the Melbourne Counter in the re-furbed Myer has to be seen to be believed.

**I was a guest of Illamasqua for this transformation.  You can book in for either a 45-minute makeup lesson or transformation and the cost is $70 but this is redeemable on product. 

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