On the 4th day of Christmas …

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On the 4th day of Christmas … I shopped with my mum-in-law in mind.

My mother-in-law LOVED Christmas.  She shopped all year round picking up bits and pieces at discount stores to put into a Christmas stocking (yes, in a real stocking, the variety usually worn on legs) for EVERYONE.  Not just the kids.

She also ensured their home did the Griswolds proud, sending my father-in-law out on to the roof to do his best Chevy Chase impression.  (He usually succeeded).

It’s been four years since this gorgeous woman lost her massive battle with Ovarian cancer and it’s impossible not to think of Fay at any time of the year … but especially so at this time.

I’d love you to think of her too – and the other beautiful women (one Australian woman dies every 10 hours) who have succumbed to this disease.  The reason why the stats are so bad is that there is no early detection test for Ovarian Cancer.  Women find out way too late that they’ve got it, too often making treatment not effective.

So how can you help?

It’s simple.  Shop this Christmas at either Witchery or Napoleon Perdis.  Both these companies support Ovarian Cancer research and support.

Witchery donates $5 from every product in its Silver Gift range to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

Witchery Cream and Silver cord necklace $39.95. www.witchery.com.au

And at Napoleon, buy Auto Pilot Lip Service ($28 in original, hush or cherry).  Since February 1 this year, Napoleon Perdis now contributes the net proceeds of every one of these products sold at a Napoleon Perdis concept store to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip Service $28. www.napoleonperdis.com

This post is also dedicated to my Twitter friend Sawhole’s mum who would who lost her battle to this God awful disease on this day in 2001.  Sawhole blogs on Woogworld every week and I was bawling reading this post last Saturday.

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  1. Wow – how wonderful are you. Thinking of SawHole today as well.
    PS All my sisters are getting Witchery silver this year….although there is one ring I want to keep xo

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