On the 2nd day of Christmas …

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On the 2nd day of Christmas … I’m thinking about all the gorgeous women I know who are pregnant at the moment; many pregnant for the first time.  (… oh how I remember that time when I was blissfully unaware of how life was going to change).

Anyway, whether this baby is your first or your third, next Christmas will be a whole lot different.  Use this time wisely to look after yourself a little bit more.  And make sure you treat yourself to clothes and lingerie that make you feel good.

HOTmilk Lingerie ticks all of those boxes.  This company offers lingerie that is luxurious, sexy and intimate.  “Sexy, alluring, desirable, whatever you call it, that need to be desired and loved never goes away,” says You Sexy Mother author and HOTmilk writer, Jodie Hedley-Ward.

“If she is yet to experience the difference between wearing a gorgeous set of matching lace underwear rather than mis-matched grey cottons, this is a Christmas treat,” said Jodie.

All those buying a HOTmilk Christmas gift during December will receive a surprise Baby Olive gift.  And thanks to HOTmilk, Styling You has one set of Radiant In Her Rescue lingerie (valued at $84.90 and pictured below) to give away.   The winner, drawn at random by random.org is:  Nikki, from Flair to Remember.

HOTmilk Radiant In Her Rescue lingerie set $84.90

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  1. I like Catriona Rowntree for the Hotmilk celeb. I am huge at the moment and I am using the underwear/bras from my first pregnant, not looking so hot I must say so to have something new would make me less of house, yes please! Due Jan 11 2010.

  2. I’d love to be Radiantly Rescued from my currently tired and daggy maternity lingerie and would also love to be as sexy, stylish, [funny & entertaining] as HOTMilk celeb, Jo Stanley…
    More than that, though, I’d love to win this prize for a friend of mine expecting her first, 4th Feb 2011.

  3. My favorite Hotmilk celeb would have to be Catriona Rowntree!
    I am due with my third baby and thord daughter! On April the 3rd…Would love some new and lovely lingerie to make me feel fab while I run around after them all!

  4. Some HotMilk lingerie would definitely be a luxury this Christmas! Thanks for the opportunity + giveaway!
    I’m due with my first in early March 2011 🙂
    I’d have to go with Jenna Elfman ~ I just love her as Dharma + reckon she would be an amazing mum!

  5. Having just given birth on Nov 30th to another beautiful baby girl I can surely relates to celebrity Catriona Rowntree’s comment about not having time to buy milk let alone great underwear! I still have a hot milk bra from my first pregnancy and as I assume I have 12 months ahead of me in maternity bras I would LOVE to add to my collection:)

  6. Ooooh can I enter this please, we are TTC #3, right now its the 2 week wait and I’m hoping for some good news in the next week or 2!! I would just love some sexy new undies to supplement my existing maternity clothes. My fave HOTmilk celeb would have to be Jenna Elfman, she is just so gorgeous!

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