I screen, you screen. We all screen for sunscreen

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For those who can’t access Beauty Directory, Australia’s Insiders Guide to Media and the Beauty Industry, which is where I’m guest blogging today as part of its Guest Blogger Series, here’s the post I wrote for them.  (It’s an important one. Please read and take care in the sun this summer.)

I am, ahhem, in my 40s.  (Ok, so this is the point that you are free to cut in and tell me that no, I couldn’t possibly be in my 40s.  Thirties, yes. Forties, definitely no.)

Did you cut in?  Great.  I’m feeling really good now and just a teeny bit smug.

I get that same smug feeling whenever I run into women my age, women I’ve known since my 20s, women who used to have skin I envied, women who, in those ensuing years, have ODed a little too much in the Vitamin D department.

I mean I like a good leather as much as the next girl – on a pair of shoes or a bag.  Just don’t fancy it on my face.

And nor should you.

Which is why whenever anyone asks me what my stranded-on-a-desert-island-must-have-beauty-product is I stand a little bit closer to them (for full effect so they can see my lack of leather), tell them my age, and emphatically declare that it’s SUNSCREEN.

Hell, if I’m out and about during the day, I’ll probably even whip it out of the bag to show them. Ahh, you ask?  So what sunscreen does she whip out of her bag?

Well, as a connoisseur of all things SPF and someone who is prone to dodgy skin reactions, I’ve tried more than a few.

Here’s a snapshot of the current Top 5 in my sunscreen cabinet:

For every day under makeup:  Jan Marini Skin Research Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant 15+ $88. This is such a delight to wear. From the light texture and subtle scent, to the hydration and skincare benefits thanks to the inclusion of PhytoMelanin (a derivative of date palm fruit that mimics human melanin), this is a real winner. www.janmariniaustralia.com.au

Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 15

For a day at the beach:  Ella Bache Great Sportsbloc SPF 30+ $62.  I buy a 375ml pump pack of this every summer.  I have fair skin, we live at the beach and love spending time there.  It’s the only sunscreen that works to keep me protected for a morning in and out of the surf AND doesn’t irritate my skin with daily use. www.ellabache.com.au

Ella Bache Great Sportsbloc 30+

For a park date with my five-year-old:  Le Tan Coconut Lotion Tube SPF 30+ $9.99.  Not only is this sunscreen pure nostalgia for me, I’m addicted to all things coconut and this tube is ideal for me to carry in my day bag when out with my youngest.  I can slather on without worrying I’m going to look all slimey when we duck into a cafe afterwards for coffee. www.letan.com.au

Le Tan Coconut Lotion 30+

For my lips:  Dermalogica Solar Shield SPF 15 $23.  My lips are the first to dry out whenever I’m at the beach.  Sun, salt and wind will do that. To keep them protected, I’ve always got a tube of this in my beach bag.  Great for added protection on the nose and ears as well. www.dermalogica.com/au

Dermalogica Solar Shield SPF 15

For the kids: NIVEA Children’s Coloured Sun Spray SPF 30+ $17.95.  Love how this goes on with a colour and then rubs in.  Excellent for teaching the kids how to apply sunscreen, knowing that they can see if they are missing bits. www.nivea.com.au

NIVEA Children's Coloured Sun Spray SPF 30+

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