2010: The blogging year that was

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2010 you have been very kind to me in bloggie land. 

For starters you gave me the kick up the pants to re-design my wordpress blog.  Which I did, re-launching in April. And kind of like when I get a new frock, a new pair of shoes, or a kick-arse necklace, the new-look Styling You gave me a renewed energy and enthusiasm for blogging.

You can guess what happens when that new lease on blogging life kicks in, can’t you?  You write more.  And more people read what you are writing.  So you write some more and before you know it you have six times more monthy unique visitors than this time last year.

And you start connecting with so many of those readers.  I mean really connecting.  On Facebook, on Twitter, in the comments of your blogs.  And you discover that so many of your readers are bloggers as well.  And they all have incredible stories, that you are privvy to reading every day.

You read their blogs, on topics ranging from fashion and beauty, to parenting, health, social media, blogging and just down right HILARIOUS.  (Scroll down on the right hand side for a look at just some of the blogs I read on a regular basis)

You discover some some incredible writers and get really excited about meeting 170 of them at the Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney in March next year. (Insert cheeky plug: if you’d like to sponsor my trip – I’m speaking on the social media panel – I’d love to hear from you)

And speaking of blogger meet-ups, you still smile remembering one of this year’s highlights – flying to Sydney in July for the Maxted Thomas Beauty Blogger Event.  You were treated like beauty queens … and still marvel that you  got the goodie bag through as hand luggage.

You haven’t come back down to earth since getting an invite to attend the Star Beauty Journalism and PR Awards in Sydney last month.  At the time, you thought, why not? You line up a play date with one of your blogging buddies, Mrs Woog, and hop on a plane.  The next morning you dust off the champagne cobwebs and head along to the awards breakfast.  And you’re blown away when your little old blog places in two categories.

You round out the year, with an invitation to guest blog over at Beauty Directory and your blog is the featured blog of the month over at Nuffnang.

… yes, it’s been one hell of a ride, 2010. And one I’m keen to stay on for years to come.  My whole career has been about writing but nothing has come close to the world of readers that blogging opens up to you.  Thanks so much to you all for stopping by and making my year. Thanks also to Nuffnang, my advertisers and the wonderful PR companies out there.  Your support enables me to keep it all going. 

Some of the fab people I met in 2010

MY favourite blog posts* for 2010:

1.  Turn back the time on hair damage with Kerastase Paris Chronologiste: I’ve gone back twice for this treatment.  It is everything it sets out to be – complete luxury for your hair.   My style secret is to time it when you know you need a great blow dry and style for a night out. 

2.  The Model and Me:  Not Your Daughter’s Jeans:  This is one of series of posts I do where I brave the camera and try on clothes so you can see how a garment will look on a size 14 instead of a size 8 model.  In this one I even show my butt to demonstrate how bloody good these jeans are.

3.  Nail a manicure that lasts … so loving CND Shellac right now:  This nail colour hybrid has saved me from my own nail grooming laziness.  I won’t go back to a regular manicure.

4.  Threading. It’s why I’ll never never wax or tweeze my eyebrows again: I’d heard about threading but had never experienced it so was very excited to find that the only registered trainer for threading in Australia was operating just down the road from me.  I’m hooked and have started taking my teenage daughter too.

5.  Mrs Woog lays down a maxi skirt style challenge:  I love a style challenge and when Mrs Woog emailed me to say she’d bought the maxi skirt I’d been lusting after, I was more than happy to help her with some suggestions on how to wear it.  So many others have now bought the skirt.  Feel like we need to call a skirt convention.  Country Road would you like to sponsor?

6.  Unleash the power of the Xtreme lash:  There are lots of shortcomings that I have to accept as part of the ageing process and until this year, that included short, sparse lashes.  Then I was on the receiving end of some Xtreme lashes and boy did I flutter those babies for more than a month.

7.  Get your jeggings on this winter:  The term jeggings is still one of the most searched for things on my website.  Who’d have thought that a jean/leggings hybrid could cause such a fuss – and demand for this pair from Country Road? 

8.  Will you do a double-take on Double Denim? I’m still not coping with the fact that this trend came back this year.  Could it simply be that it reinforces that I’m SO no longer 20 … or 30 for that matter.

9.  Does your wardrobe have hanging space for multiple personalities? I came to the conclusion this year that it’s ok to have a wardrobe with different personalities you can call on depending on how you’re feeling or who you’re hanging out with that day.

10.  Excuse me a minute, I’m floating on a Cloud 9 micro:  Cloud 9 arrived in Australia this year to shake up the straightening iron market.  The mini iron left the greatest impression on me and not only made it easy to travel but also because of its ability to tame my newly acquired fringe.  And, I also fell in love with the O heated roller system.  Easiest way to get the look of a blow dry without an arm workout.

*These posts either highlighted a product, trend or treatment that really floated by boat and made for interesting blogging during the year.  If you have a favourite that I’ve written in 2010, then leave a comment below.  I’d love to know.

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  1. Wow Nikki, what a fantastic year, sounds like you worked hard to achieve it and deserve your success….off to check out that not your daughter’s jeans post (and your bum) 😛

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  2. Brilliant post by a brilliant blogger. You deserve all the amazing things that happened to you this year and all the more amazing things to come in 2011.

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  3. Well Done Nikki … Mover – Shaker & World-changer that You are .. for many many Women & Men in this nation. Blog on Baby ..! 🙂 Said with Loves <3

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  4. Congratulations on all you have accomplished this year, Nikki. Im so proud and happy for you! I’m sure 2011 will be even more fabulous for you!
    Thank you for your friendship and support this year, it has meant a lot to me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    See you soon at the bloggers conference, if not sooner! xx

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  5. So wonderful to “meet you” this year and looking forward to catching up for real at the Aussie Bloggers Conference. Well done on the success of your fab blog. You are gorgeous xx

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