What if Kate really did want her own ring?

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My husband’s always on at me to get off Twitter but last night as I’m sitting crying during the Packed to the Rafter’s finale and multi-tasking on my phone, news started to Tweet through about Kate and Will’s engagement.

“See,” I said, waving my iPhone4 in his face, “that’s why I am on Twitter. A. Lot.”

Stuff happens and I like to be first to know.  So like the night, Julia gave Kevvy the heave-ho, I found out first via social media.  Not via the TV, which like the Julia/Kev showdown, took more than an hour to flash on to screen.

This morning I couldn’t wait to get a look at the photos, Kate’s hair, Will’s lack of hair … and the ring.

And then I saw it.  There on those beautifully, pre-photoshoot, manicured hands was Princess Di’s famous sapphire and diamond ring.

I was just an impressionable 13-year-old just understanding the power of jewellery when Charles placed this ring on Di’s finger.  I decided there and then that sapphires would me MY gemstone of choice.  (I did dump sapphires after a particularly ugly relationship years later and discovered diamonds, but for a while they were the bomb and really went with my Princess Di hairdo.)

So, as I saw a very loved up Will and Kate show off the ring, I thought two things:

1.  Wow. That’s a huge expectation for Kate to live up to.


2.  What if she really wanted a ring of her own design?  Maybe she’s more a black diamond princess cut kind of girl?

Kate Middleton with Princess Di's ring

Very few women these days let the bloke go off and buy the engagement ring without prior, extensive training from the bride-to-be and many, many visits to Michael Hill.

So what do you think? Is it a good thing she’s wearing Di’s ring?  Will you now be dyeing your hair a lovely shade of brunette and booking in for bi-weekly blow-drys?  Or are you just giggling at all my references to Kate and Di’s rings?

And if you want to get your own version of the Di/Kate ring, here are a couple of options available in Australia:

Moi Moi 18K white gold with 3.65ct created Sapphire and 1.20tcw moissanite ring $2780. www.moimoi.com.au (600 x 600)


Pasquale Bruni ring RRP $25,000 from LK Jewellery www.lkjewellery.com (488 x 600)

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  1. Matt chose my ring, but he did so knowing full well what I’d like and what I’d want to wear forever. I’m not sure Wills would give her a ring she didn’t want or wasn’t happy with. This can’t have been that much of a secret between them? I like to think she’s independent enough to say “this is beautiful, but how about we choose something that is just for us?”

    Meanwhile I’m ogling and jealous and I can’t believe how much it suits her perfectly.

    And amen to twitter x

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  2. I’ve been engaged and married twice. Each time I would have liked to choose my own ring. I mean really, who doesn’t like to pick their ring? LOL. I think the guy presenting it to the girl and/or using a family heirloom may be pretending their heart is in the right place, but really they’re just presenting her with something they can afford. But then I am cynical, which is probably why I am single!

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  3. I thinks its nice – this is a guy who can afford to buy all the carats you can fit on your finger, but I imagine that his mother’s ring is far more valuable to him than anything he could buy his wife-to-be!

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  4. As you know, Nikki, I love the idea. However, I also like the black diamond idea too. So she should get a black diamond later down the track.
    Congratulations to them both.

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  5. I like the idea – he said that he used his mum’s ring “so she wouldn’t miss out on the any of the wedding either” and given that Kate has been with him for eight years, I am sure she knew how much he loved his mother and was probably honoured he chose to give her something that meant so much to him. Maybe the ring didn’t have a happy ever after attached to it, but I think the sentiment with which it has been given this time is right.
    My husband chose my engagement ring without my knoweledge or input and it is exactly what I would have choosen for myself.

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