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So the nation is gearing up to be stopped for another year with the running of the 150th Melbourne Cup – the centrepiece in another exciting spring racing carnival. In the lead up to, during and then after, the fashion types are going all out with their assessments of what should and should NOT be worn. But I’ve noticed much of the attention has been directed towards trying to help the ladies stay classy and avoid trashy.

So in this issue of Manland I’ve decided to review a few of the worst fashion crimes to have been committed by the blokes, in the hope you will think twice before offending yourselves, or, ladies, take your boy aside before he heads to the maxi taxi and check whether he’s sure he wants to go out looking the way he might!

Fancy Dress – Why do you do it? It’s not a five-year-old’s birthday party. It’s not even crazy uncle Barry’s 50th, so why do you guys still feel the need to take crazy out of the box at the races? It very rarely works and is never funny. Don’t bother.

Loud Suits – Ok, it worked for Jim Carrey in The Mask, but that was 1994, and it was a zany movie. Time to let the freak-show brightly coloured suits rest in peace. Stick with black, navy and various tones of grey. Otherwise ask yourself, do you really want to be THAT person who stands out like dogs balls for all the wrong reasons? Leave the outrageous colour to the girls and the little blokes actually riding the horses.

Suits versus sneakers/skate shoes – Most guys don’t like carrying too many pairs of shoes in their wardrobe. It bothers them. But honestly, for man race etiquette, you can’t get much worse than rocking up to the track with a half decent suit ‘n tie combo that has been butchered by a set of banged up skate sneakers. Nothing says “Hey boys, jagged a day off, thought I might try my luck at the track”, like this total mismatch. Hold off on buying that next carton of bourbon and cokes and pick up a simple pair of black pumps instead. They should last you ages if you look after them.

White shoes – Down there with sneakers, but in this case I’m talking about white leather, probably with a curved point these days. Boys, when it comes to semi-formal footwear, leave this colour well alone. IT DOES NOT LOOK COOL. Enough said.

Oversized Sunnies – Like white shoes, may work to some extent for the Kings of Mykonos, but does not work at the track.

Hair Product overkill – Almost as bad as wearing a Mohawk, is finishing off your race day package with a couple of litres of product and working your mane into the ‘just been electrocuted look’. It’s the races, not Ibiza. Tone it down.

Dodgy ties – It’s not high school anymore. And therefore it’s nowhere near cool to get around with a tie halfway between a noose and granny not. If you don’t know how to tie a tie properly, jump on the web, there are heaps of step-by-step instructions you can download.

There is so much more I could write about this topic, but I think the rant has gone on long enough for you to get where I’m coming from. I hope you have a great time at the track this season, just keep in mind that what makes it fun is getting dressed up nicely…and then laughing at the horror stories that get it wrong…which team are you on?

What ManLand loves this month

Peter Alexander, Summer 2010, collection

Australian pyjama guru Peter Alexander has gone back to his roots for Summer 2010 with a men’s collection inspired by some of the most recognisable dinky die icons. Splattered with prints of the Southern Cross, AFL footies, jars of Vegemite, thongs and guitars, the big bananas B1 and B2 and classy slogans like “Bogan”, this year’s summer range is a lot of fun. The Stylist was good enough to pick me up a new set of shorts covered in beautiful green beer bottles. So comfortable. Love ‘em! Visit for a wide selection of PJ’s, undies and all the extra bits for all of the family.

Sportsyear Diary, $43.95

I’m as excited as the next bloke about the Poms coming to our paddocks for this summer’s Ashes series. But who else is struggling, or is living with someone trying desperately to cope with, the withdrawals that set in at the end of the winter footy season? Well here’s a product that I am banking on to help me get through the pain because it will literally count down the days, and keep me interested, until my teams get back on the field. Featuring more than 20,000 sporting events throughout the year, derived from 155 international competitions, the sportsyear Diary is the perfect gift for sports nuts everywhere. Presented in a suave, executive-style A4-sized planner the 2011 sportsyear Diary lists an outrageous number of men’s and women’s sporting fixtures, all while moonlighting as a functional business tool. There’s even some more off-beat entries such as New York’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating contest and the UK’s Gloucstershire Cheese Rolling Festival. The sportsyear® Diary is available online at or via phone order, with personalised, corporate versions able to be customised.  Visit for more information.

sportsyear diary 2011

Country Road Men’s collection, October 2010

I’m a big fan of the Country Road menswear range. Functional, well made, pretty stylish and well priced. There are elements for every part of every day of the week, summer, winter, rain, hail or shine. Country Road’s October 2010 collection has a versatile colour palette of greys, blues, and then a bit of dull orange to change things up. For me the pick of this season is the squid ink black placket type shirt. 100% cotton, with a great cut and at $99, this will be a great addition to the wardrobe! For the full range, visit

Country Road October collection 2001

Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force, Densifying Shampoo, 250ml, RRP $29.50. Densifying Leave-In Treatment, 125ml, RRP $38.50.

According to French studies into all things stylish, 70% of men consider their hair mass as their main physical concern… Top shelf hair product gurus Kérastase have unveiled Kérastase Homme: a complete range of luxury hair care designed specifically for men, to reinforce their existing hair mass. The science behind it is that men naturally produce a three-times more of an enzyme that transforms testosterone into a negative hormone that is harmful for the hair. Kérastase has developed a new technology Système Taurine works to slow and reduce the effects of this enzyme and aggravating factors associated with male hair loss. I’ve been trialling the Capital Force Densifying Shampoo for a couple of weeks and then spraying it with a Densifying Leave-In Treatment, which is supposed to tone and refresh your scalp while thickening the hair, and I’ve got to admit my naturally fine hair actually is feeling stronger and thicker. Now at $30 plus a bottle, these products are not cheap. But they are top of the range and very good quality and certainly well worth a try if your budget permits. To locate your nearest Kérastase Homme Salon visit

Kerastase Homme Bain Captial Force Desensifying Shampoo

Song of the month

I was struggling to settle on one standout track this month, so I put the request out to tender with a few friends and received some fine offerings. Love ‘em all.

Crave You, Flight Facilities feat. Giselle

Crave You is the first orignal track from a fairly mysterious duo that goes by the name Flight Facilities. Featuring Giselle Rosselli on vocals, it’s chilled, but a little bit saucy. Like a long cocktail on a hot Saturday afternoon filled with doing not much. Nice.

Eyes Wide Open, Gotye

Eyes Wide Open is the new single from Belgium musician Wally DeBacker, known to Australian music fans as Gotye, and architect of some fantastic tunes over the years, including chillout favourite Heart’s a Mess. Gotye is playing at the Laneway Festival in February and would be well worth a look.

Holidays, Miami Horror

Really fun disco track from the Melbourne-based psychedelic indie-electro group that has got the sound of summer bursting out of it. The track is from the group’s debut album Illumination, which was two-years in the making as the group’s founder Ben Plant took his laptop, synthesiser and love of French house music and evolved it into one of Australia’s most popular new groups.

Cheers and over to you.  What’s on your or your man’s radar this month? 

*Kester Hubbard, 32, lives at on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He divides his time between representative duties as husband to Nikki, the resident styling queen, providing alternative life skill guidance to three children and working as a communications consultant in Brisbane.  He’s a former sports journo so any code is never far from his mind.  But underneath the sports exterior lies a man who not so secretly loves to style it up. {actually The Stylist wrote that bit so he keeps writing this monthly blog}

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