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If I had legs like these below, I’d probably be a tad more concerned about keeping them hair free. 

Legs worth their weight in dilapatory gold?

But one of the harsh facts of heading full steam into summer is that there is no more hiding of legs under leggings or jeans.  At some point you have to look down and deal with the small forest that has grown throughout your winter hibernation.  Or NOT. 

Winter growth, anyone?

So, hair removal.  It’s been a fact of life for most chicks since their early teens.  

(I still remember being pulled aside at basketball when I was 13 by Bradley who informed me that I had pubes coming out my basketball pants … and by the way, those pants were down right ridiculous, basically a thick pair of black undies over normal undies, not cool, and yes, Brad, didn’t know at the time that he was gay … it all made so much sense years later … I mean this same guy not only noticed my pubes, he also commented on the tightness of my fuchsia plether pants at a school disco). 

But I digress. 

Yep, ever since that pubes moment, I’ve been getting rid of body hair any which way I could. I’ve tried everything, starting with shaving, venturing into waxing, playing with dilapatory creams and submitting myself (and my bits) to IPL. 

So when the lovely people at Braun contacted me wondering if I’d like to try their new “doesn’t hurt as much as the last one” Silk-Epil Xpressive 7681 epilator … I said, sure, why not? 

And then a few days later, this arrived … 

Love a gift pack ... thanks Braun Silk-epil

All that I needed to get me motivated for beach-worthy legs: a beach tote, towel, a silk sarong and the Silk-epil Xpressive 7681 ($208.95).  Now, I’ve tried an epilator before and I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to inflicting pain upon oneself.  Happy to lie down and take it from someone else, grimace and put on a brave face and all that, but on myself.  That’s a whole different ball game. 

But try I did, dear reader, because that is my job. In a nutshell, it still hurts a bit, but nowhere near as much as my previous encounters.  Probably the key to this is the “close grip technology” which allows it to pull out hairs as small as a grain of sand (.5mm).  It’s when it hits those long ones that you know it.   There are two speeds but I stuck with the slow one (see above for wuss reference).  There’s even a light to guide the way and you can use it in the shower (and I actually preferred using it wet). 

I’m persisting with using the Silk-epil but because of my wussness I’m still a little slow.  I’m I’m in a real hurry, I grab my new Gillette Venus Spa Breeze ($13.59).  I’ve been a big Gillette razor fan for years and this is definitely their best yet … and not because I received this pack with it. 

My Gillette Venus Spa Breeze pack with a soft robe, Small Indulgences bath soak and scented votive candles

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze $13.59, includes includes the refillable razor handle, two cartridges and a shower compact

No, I LOVE the fact that you don’t even need to lather up first.  There is a gel strip in the razor blade head.  Easy Peasy.  Underarms shaved down in seconds. There’s a gorgeous scent of white tea and the refillable heads are simple to swap over. 

So where do I stand on hair removal this summer? 

1. If I had the budget to go back to IPL, I would (I did 6 sessions 3 years ago and that thinned out the excess bikini line to a very manageable state … just need to finish off the job). 

2.  Having the Silk-epil is extremely useful in creating super smooth legs that don’t need attention for up to four weeks and cost per use certainly pays for itself over waxing session. 

3.  I couldn’t live without my Gillette Venus Spa Breeze.  My life is crazy and if I can be hair free in seconds, this is a no-brainer. 

Stockists:  Braun Silk-epil Xpressive 7681 is available at selected electrical outlets and major department stores; Gillette Venus Spa Breeze supermarkets and select pharmacies. 

And now, over to you … what’s your most “cringe-worthy” hair removal moment?  Leave a comment below. The gorgeous white robe, bath soak and candle, pictured above, from Gillette will go to a winner via random.org.  Comp closes Monday, November 15.  Winner announced on this page.

Stop the blog:  the winner, as determined by www.random.org is Kym Teal.  Thanks everyone for entering.  Kym, enjoy some time out with your prize.

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  1. When I was a teenager I really wanted to start shaving but Mum was not happy for that to young, so of course I did it behind her back and probably with the most blunt razor in the house and not only did I end up patchy missing places I also ended up with lots of little cuts, which I covered up with bandaids but Mum still knew. But she didn’t say anything, I think when she saw my legs she figured I learnt my lesson!

  2. “cringe-worthy” hair removal moment, was answering the front door (8am …just too early) to the postie in my short dressing gown. He was looking at my legs? Come in to find I’d missed a section on side of leg, not attractive. Was horrified.. Learnt must set more time aside for hair removal, the postie creeps me out now. Do I need a longer dressing gown, more efficient hair removal system, or more child free time, hmmmm I’ll let you be the judge.

  3. Love to talk waxing but I’m too much of a wimp or too busy to get around it. But using an epilator for the first time was extremely painful especially with Winter growth hair. And I ended up with really blotchy rashy legs with a nice mini dress that nice. Lesson-don’t epilator for the first time just before a party

  4. Ok so it was two days before my wedding, and I was getting a brazilian for the first time. Not going to the place I wanted to, but the place my mother-in-law recommended, I figured a brazilian’s a brazilian. Right?

    So there I am, all dignity aside and having hot wax applied to my nether regions, when someone calls out from the room next door that they can’t get the solarium to work. So my ever-competent waxer walks out the door, leaving it WIDE OPEN, and tends to her needs immediately. As do several other people that have a peek in through my open door. At me, half-waxed, with my knees up. I left that place tweaked, creeped out and half-hairy.

    I’m still mentally and emotionally scarred.

  5. Erm… my first experience into waxing wasnt a good one.. I went to a beauty salon (a big name branch I might add…eh hrmm Elle Bache!)… only to end up burnt and bruised by the experience!
    Hubby bought me one of the silk epil’s for my birthday this year (hint much?!?) and is fantastic on shorter hairs, definitely dont use it when you have a forest growing. I learnt this by using it on my underarms about a month ago… I ended up bruised and not being able to move my arms without it hurting for a few days…. yes, only I could end up doing such a thing!! lmao

  6. The first and only time I decided to do my own brazillian I was halfway through and not being a contortionist couldn’t do certain parts myself so I asked my partner to help! Well 20 mins later, wax stiff as and him saying oh I don’t want to hurt you and pulling about a millimetre a minute. A whole heap of cursing and a world of pain later we finally got there and removed the strip. Booked an appointment with a professional for that afternoon to finish the job and have NEVER attempted to do it myself again.

  7. I trained as a beauty therapist and we all had to learn on each other… so a first timer with no idea being set loose on my bikini line in an entire room full of people watching and learning… embarrassing and painful!

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