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A couple of weeks ago I got an invitation to attend the 2010 Star Beauty Awards.  Did I excitedly think of fame and blogger fortune? No. I thought of Mrs Woog*. 

The tweets went down something like this:

@stylingyou keen for a mid-week play?

@woogsworld for shiz

Mrs Woog and me

She’s easy, that Mrs Woog.

So, I organised children/family/husband to cope with my absence, Mrs Woog organised her’s and next thing you know it, we’re rendezvousing over a sauvie and sashimi salad at Jackie’s Cafe in Paddington with the Maxted Thomas girls.  The MT girls are gorgeous AND they have a hotline to Benefit boutique around the corner and Brad Ngata hair salon in Surry Hills … which comes in VERY handy when the very next morning you have to enter a room filled with stunning beauty editors.

I’ve raved about Benefit at Paddington before but you’re going to have to put up with some more.  The Benebabes here all rock but special call out must go to Bianca (the brow guru) and Tiffany (she just knows what product I NEED next even before I do).  My brows get the wax, shape and tint treatment.  I love how quick and easy it is to get a perfect frame for your face while LUSTING over the gorgeous product displays.  I’m seriously a marketers’ dream.  It all looks so pretty … and so, well, essential.

With Benebabe Tiffany at the Benefit Boutique in Paddington

Next thing I know, Mrs Woog has her fingers in her mouth whistling for a cab and we are hot-footing it for a date with Brad Ngata’s blow dry king, Remington, at the very quirky Surry Hills salon (it’s in an old terrace house with lots of cool little room as a relaxed vibe).  Remington is tasked with taking my hair from flat to fab … but so it still looks good in the morning. A wash, blow-dry, lots of mousse and spray and a whirl of the ghds (check out the video … for tips.  Apparently getting great curls is all about the hip shake) and I’m done.

Here’s the finished product … it’s meant to be a bit Shirley Temple because then it will be perfect for the next day.  And it is.  And the day after.  I may never wash my hair.

Me with Remington who's just transformed my locks

Ok, so where were we?

Makeup and brows. Check.

Hair looking fab. Check.

There’s clearly only one thing left to do.  Crack open the champers.

And this is where Mrs Woog doesn’t play fair.  She takes me to the Opera Bar on the Harbour and then asks me a very personal question (no, not the one about where I would like to get a tattoo) …

A champers sure does go down easily with a view like that
So, Ms Styling You, do you like Sydney or Melbourne best?”

Ahhh, Mrs Woog, that’s SO not playing fair.

*For those unenlightened readers, Mrs Woog writes one of the most hilarious blogs on this planet (I’m not just saying that cause you bought me champers either).  Head over there yourself … with a warning:  you’ll be hooked.
For more on my trip to Sydney, head over here and here.

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  1. So nice to “meet” you Nikki and cool to see a pic of (in)famous Mrs Woog!

    I sooo need someone like you in my life. You don’t feel like a quick jaunt to Auckland to do a major makeover anytime soon? The trackies are wearing a bit thin…..

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  2. memories……. like the corner of my mind. Misty watered coloured memories………….. like the way,,, we were.

    so much fun. get nominated for more awards please, and next time we willstay in the Penthouse. xo

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