Dear Nuffnang Santa, I’ve been a really good girl. Please can I have an iPad

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Will Santa Nuffnang deliver this iPad?

Ever since the launch of the iPad earlier this year, I’ve been been obsessed. Obsessed about owning one.  I’ve chosen its case, I’ve worked out which extra products I’ll need to blog on the run and I’ve even checked out whether one would fit in my handbag (it does BTW).

Running in conjunction with my obsession is the compulsive need to enter EVERY competition that offers an iPad as a prize.  That four-letter word will have me hitting the online entry form or filling in a coupon or survey EVERY time.

So imagine my excitement at discovering that Nuffnang (the VERY stylish, VERY awesome people who find fantastic ads to sit on my website) announce that they are running the Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge.  And the prize is an iPad.

STOP it, I screamed.  Surely this is a sign.  Surely, this is the one I’m going to win.

To be in with a chance, I had to cast my mind back over all the blog posts I’d written in 2010.  Let me tell you … there were lots.  How’s a girl supposed to choose her fave?

So, I left that to you, my dear readers.  What have you been clicking on most?

By a country mile, it was Straight locks rock. Global Keratin hair treatment: part 1 (number 1 in a three part series).  More than 3500 people have read this post, with many coming back more than once.  It seems that women are keen to know more about this treatment that launched earlier this year in Australia with a lot of hype and fanfare.

To top off the reader response, this post also earned me some fantastic Australian beauty blogger love at the 2010 Star Beauty Awards this month.  It was judged one of three top blog beauty blog posts in the Star Beauty Blog category by the likes of:

• Gary Davey, Cosmetics Buyer, David Jones 

• Frank Kavanagh, Cosmetics Buyer, Myer 

• Rosi Fernandez, Managing Director, La Prairie Group Australia 

• Paula Joye, Editor, Life.Styled (and former Madison editor) 

All pretty exciting … almost as exciting as having fabulously swish-worthy Global Keratin hair for three months!

And so, Dear Nuffnang Santa,

Please, pretty please send me an iPad for Christmas. 

Yours in stylish blogging

Ms Styling You

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  1. Good luck on the iPad Nik, B&W’s iPads arrive here on Wednesday…. and Andrew just gets to stare at them

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