Benefit gives luxe lip love with new full-finish lipstick

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I’ve made no secret over the years that I’m a bit of a gloss girl.  It goes hand in hand with my crazy mum/work/home juggle.  If I’ve got a gloss in the bottom of my handbag, I’m set.  With gloss, I can whip it out while stopped at the traffic lights and I feel done. 

But I’m coming around to the idea of wearing more lipstick.  Blame Mad Men, blame the fashion catwalks filled with statement lips.  Blame Benefit. 

Yes, leaping out of the mailbox and on to my lips yesterday was the new Benefit full-finish lipstick in Shy $34 (a ballet slipper pink).  It’s one of nine in the covetable range. 

Benefit Full-Finish Lipsticks in Pillow Talk, Shy and Saucy $34 each. Ph 02 8353 5000

What’s to like?  

The colour, for starters.  It’s well, me, making a mini lip statement.  A pink with a tinge of brown, a little more defined than a nude. 

The texture, for seconders.  So luxe going on and sits beautifully.  You can feel the hydration.  It’s not a long-stay but it gives good coverage between touch-ups. 

The case, for thirders.  A bit ’60s mod with that flower swirl. Great to pull out and show-off to your girlfriend. 

... and here it is on the lips. Benefit full-finish lipstick in Shy.

In a nutshell, it’s a winner, and it will be vying for space next to my gloss collection. 

Check it out for yourself – they hit the counter at Benefit around Australia tomorrow (November 20, 2010).  Tell the Benebabes I sent you and then tell me which shade your lips love best x

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      1. You can buy Benefit products via the Myer website, Adore beauty site and of course, Benefit’s site. If you spend over $115, you can get free international shipping at the moment on the Benefit site. 🙂

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