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Haven’t heard of Smashbox makeup?  You are forgiven.  Until now. This makeup range created by the great grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor only arrived in Australia (at Kit Cosmetic stores) in April this year but expect to hear a whole lot more about it. 

Smashbox Cosmetics at Kit Cosmetics, Myer Brisbane City

So, what’s all the fuss about it? 

In a nutshell, according to the Smashbox international trainer, Robin Flanagan, it’s all about products that create the perfect, flawless canvas.  No matter what flaws you have to start with.  

(At this point I have to confess that I thought I had filmed a great video of Robin going through these key steps to a flawless canvass, but alas, I had a technical meltdown.  All I could retrieve was this photo.) 

Smashbox's global makeup artist Robin Flanagan

Luckily, Paula Joye, ex Madison editor and now editor of her own website, which incidentally sends out an awesome weekly e-news, didn’t have the same problems back in July.  Here’s her step-by-step video with Robin: 

So back to my flaws.  (Well just the facial ones.) The first question Robin asked me was, “what’s the thing you most want to change about your face?” 

I immediately pointed at the gigantic bags that moved in permanently 15 yeas ago under my eyes after the birth of my first child.  A close second is the redness across my nose and chin.  Coming in third, my (not-so) fine lines. 

And you guessed it, Robin (and Smashbox) has a solution for all three. 

Flaw one:  dark bags under eyes 

Solution one:  Photo Op Under Eye Brightener $28.95, an ingenious under eye illuminator that works like magic to make those bags disappear, especially with High Definition Concealor $28.95 

Smashbox Photo Op Under-Eye Brightener $28.95

Flaw 2:  redness

Solution 2:  Photo Finish Colour Correcting  Primer Adjust $54.95.  The green works to counteract the red and the primer part works to create a smooth base for foundation.

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer Adjust $54.95

Flaw 3:  fine (and not-so) lines 

Solutions 3:  High Definition Healthy Fx Foundation (F2) $55.95.  This stuff is absolute magic and designed especially to cope with the advent of High Definition TV which is NOT forgiving.  AT ALL.  And to complete the look with staying power, Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder $84.95.  It contains 48 minerals and those who find powders drying will love its hydrating properties. 

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder $84.95


Ok, so now you’re probaby wondering about the pretty stuff?  The stuff that goes on to the (now) flawless canvas?

Robin gave me a natural look that brought out my eyes using colours from the new Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette ($45.95).   I love this palette as it’s (almost) a no-brainer on how to use it.  Choose three colours across or down for a base, highlighter and contour to create an eye that will pop.   Robin used the three mushroom/nudes across the top row on me before using Limitless Eyeliner in Java and Hyper Lash mascara ($30.95) to finish the eye and Brow Tech To Go  ($38.95) to frame the face with tamed brows.

Smashbox Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette $45.95

On my lips, the new Masquerade Lip Enhancing Gloss ($26.95) in Reveal contrasted with a subtle golden pink.

Smashbox Masquerade Lip Enhancing Gloss in Reveal $26.95

Ta, da!

The finished product ...

And you too can get all the Smashbox tips direct from Robin.  She’s already been to Brisbane and Sydney but Melbourne beauties, don’t miss these events: 

Smashbox VIP night: Wednesday October 6th, 6.30-8.30pm, kit Chapel Street (bookings $45 redeemable on product, phone 03 9827 5988)

Makeup one-on-one sessions:  Thursday October 7th, 12noon-9pm kit at Myer Chadstone (bookings $45 redeemable on product, phone 03 9567 6448 ).  Friday October 8th, 12noon-9pm, kit at Myer Melbourne (bookings $45 redeemable on product, phone 03 9661 3792).  

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