Midday massage makes big Ripple in this household

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This is a true conversation that went down in my house a couple of Mondays ago …

Mr 5:  Why are the curtains closed, Mummy?

Me:  So, if someone, like the postman or courier delivery person came to the gate, they couldn’t see me in my undies (and possibly never make a delivery again … I didn’t actually say that bit but was thinking it).

Mr 5:  You’re JOKING (he actually said it with capital-like emphasis).  You only had undies on?

Me:  Yes, that’s right,  because if Mummy had had clothes on she wouldn’t have been able to experience the wonderful massage that the lady gave her while you were being such a good boy playing in your room and being quiet.

Really, I’m an excellent mother.  So excellent that I realised that a little pampering was just what this Mummy needed to get her through a particularly busy week without fulling into a heap.  And the planets aligned when the lovely Jess from Ripple Massage arrived to carry out that said pampering without my needing leave home or book a babysitter. (I must point out here that I had taken Mr 5 out ALL morning, run him ragged and bribed him with treats so I could pull this strategy off, so yes, the planets were really locked in that alignment.)

A Ripple Massage ... bliss

I’ve been very lucky to have experienced a Ripple Massage before and when owner Alison Shaw emailed me recently to see if I’d be interested in experiencing one of her new Summer Rejunvenating packages, let’s just say, I didn’t take too long to reply to her email.

A massage is something I told myself at the start of this year that I’d aim to have every month.  That lasted until about March. 

Anyways, no use beating myself up. It’s all about the here and now.  And on this particular Monday afternoon, the here and now involved me being pampered from head to toe (yes, in my undies!).

What I love about Ripple (apart from the coming to your home bit that means you can just roll from the massage table to the sofa after you’re finished and not worry about how your hair looks afterwards), is that a massage is not just a massage. There are always little add-ons to the service (get your mind out of the gutter, not those add-ons!). 

I was booked for the two-hour pre-summer rejuvenating package ($195) to, quote: “buff, polish, relax and rejuvenate your whole body”.

Well, I can tell you, I was way ready for all of the above … and then some.  My feet get the first treatment, with a soak and exfoliate while I’m filling out the client form.  Love the lime and peppermint soak.

Next, it’s up on to the table for a full body walnut, tangerine and lime exfoliation.  Each section of my body was exfoliated and rinsed off bit by bit, so at no time was I left cold and gritty.  Just smooth and happy.

Now I was ready for the aromatherapy massage.  So ready that I may have let out one of those little contented snorts that “happen” as you float in and out of consciousness (or embarrassingly, is that just me who does this?).   At some point I was just completely zoned out of it and remember being quite put out that it was time to turn over! The treatment is rounded off with a reflexology foot massage, organic green clay mask and a head massage. 


I do the roll-off-the-table-on-to-my-lounge bit as Jess packs up and leaves me with a gift of Ripple hand made lotion in mango.

And it’s about now that Mr 5 arrives on the scene ready for his bribe payment.  He may have dined out on “my mum just had her undies on story” at pre-prep the next day but I had the last laugh:  two hours of me-time right under my own roof.  He was duped.  Big Time.


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