Fabulous Friday October 8, 2010: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Fridays – my weekly blog and video blog (vlog!) about the things that have made my week.   It’s all about the positive – and yes, you’ll find a little style tip as well. Let me know what you think?  And most importantly, what’s made your week. 

What’s made my week?

This week I’ve been once again reminded of the incredible women living, working (and playing!) in my community.  The Sunshine Coast is truly home to some remarkable women – and so many of them are best-selling authors.  

I’m currently working with Jodie Hedley-Ward, who wrote You Sexy Mother, on the release of her third book, YSM Body Bible.  Jodie is nothing short of inspirational.  She wants us to be the best mums we can be but not forget (or neglect) the person we are either.  It’s about taking time for yourself, wearing your good lingerie on an average day, and striving for optimal health.  The optimal health message is the focus of her latest book, on which she’s collaborated with Kelli Johnson, who just happens to be Terri Irwin’s personal trainer.   YSM Body Bible teaches women how to get gorgeous, sexy and healthy without cutting calories and without quick fixes that won’t last. The end result is a strong and feminine body that can carry you through motherhood looking and feeling, well … sexy!  The book will be launched with an exciting event on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday, October 16.  Click here if you’d like to join us for the fun.  

Jodie Hedley-Ward and Kelli Johnson - authors of the YSM Body Bible

And joining the Sunshine Coast author ranks this week is my good friend, Vicki Brown.  Vicki, with Paul Leete (excutive chef of Sails Restaurant, Noosa), has written a cookbook, called The Chef and I ($34.95).   What’s amazing about this book is that Vicki CANNOT cook.  What she can do is market the seafood industry, of which, with her husband’s family, she is an integral part.  She branded the Mooloolaba prawn which you might tuck into at a fancy restaurant and now she’s urging us to eat seafood twice a week for good health.  It’s a stunning book – the artist, Denise Dafarra, who created the Ms Styling You logo, painted the cover image.  I was lucky enough to attend the launch at Fish on Parkyn in Moololaba on Thursday night where guests got to sample some of the dishes from the book.  Start salivating below …  

The Chef and I by Vicki Brown and Paul Leete

Seared sea scallop, roasted baby beetroot, walnuts and goats curd

Seared sea scallop, roasted baby beetroot, walnuts and goats curd

Garlic prawns

Speaking of salivating, I won tickets to a preview screening of Eat Pray Love on Wednesday night.  Awesome movie.  Definitely a chick’s flick.  But it should come with a warning:  Do eat a tasty, hearty meal before watching.  The scenes in Italy during the “Eat” part were filmed so brilliantly that you really do want to leap up and eat what was on the screen.  Sorry, a choc top or box of popcorn WILL NOT CUT IT. 

Julia Roberts chows down during the Eat part of Eat Pray Love

The women theme continues … I’m a member of Women in Business – an amazing online community run by Clare Lancaster.  Clare sends out a great weekly newsletter which I subscribe to and there is always a gem in there for me to think about.  This week, she’s sharing with everyone A Manifesto for Women in Business.  Download and share it with your friends in business today.

A Manifesto for Women in Business

Beauty find of the week

This is how a cult product is born. Step one: create a skin product especially for a particular fashion show.  In this case it was the Louise Goldin AW/10 show at London Fashion Week earlier this year.

Step two.  Don’t name it and say it’s not available for purchase.

Step three.  Watch every model, make-up artist and beauty editor bash down your door and fill your email inbox until you relent and release it.

Step four.  We give you the St. Tropez Illuminator ($29.95) – an illuminator that gives you a gorgeous iridescent sheen.  Apply to cheekbones, decolletage, arms and shins.  Works without a tan as well as with.

Available exclusively at www.sttropez.com.au  

St. Tropez Skin Illuminator $29.95

On the blog this week

Want celeb makeup secrets? Head to Smashbox at Kit

May your shopping and socialising be coloured in pink this month

Now, over to you … what’s made your week?

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