Women on the move: these are your wardrobe secret weapons

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Hands up if you hate ironing?  Hands up if even if you outsource the ironing it takes too long for a favourite garment to come back into your wardrobe? Hands up if you just need your wardrobe to work for you every day in every way?   

I’m guessing that just about every woman who is reading this now has her (virtual) hand up.   

Whether you are juggling your own business, work in someone else’s or have to taxi kids to and from school and everything in between, you need a wardrobe that moves with you.   

You need a wardrobe that offers you easy-care, easy-wear basics without faddish trends.  You need clothes that look polished at 3pm (even if you’ve been in them since 6am).  You need to feel comfortable no matter what task is dished out to you in your busy day.   

You need a good supply of what I call “lifestyle” clothing.   

The concept of lifestyle clothing continues to go from strength to strength and in Australia we have a huge selection from which to choose.  My pick of the national labels are:  Metalicus, Mela Purdie and wYse.  Closer to home on the Sunshine Coast, I like Verily and MiMi FiRST.   

Each offers their take on lifestyle.  Each offers clothes that require minimal laundering and generally no ironing.  Each offers designs that allow you to stamp your own personality on them through the use of accessories.   

Fabrics range for viscose through to tencil to modal and wool blends.  It’s just a matter of choosing pieces that suit your shape and incorporating them into your existing wardrobe.  Here is a snapshot of what’s available now … 

wYse Spring 2010 



Metalicus spring 2010   

Check out this video from Metalicus Queensland agent Liv Mills.  This girl knows her Metalicus and knows how to dress anyone in it!

Metalicus Spring 2010

Metallicus Spring 2010

 And here I am in Metalicus Spring 2010 … one size does fit most!

Nikki Parkinson in Metalicus for Soul Diva

   Mela Purdie Spring 2010   

Cloud Matte Jersey Wedge Top $175; Cloud Matte Jersey Scarf $69

Nude Memory Yarn Shell $249; Nude Matte Jersey Sleveless Knot Tunic $249; Nude Matte Jersey Double Skirt $189

 Verily Spring 2010   

Verily Twist dress $162

Verily Sheer Rose dress $198

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      Hi Claire, it really depends on the style of Metalicus you try on. I use the tight fitting garments for layering only. For dresses and other tops, there are plenty of tunic styles as well as styles that drop from under the bust, that work to conceal the bits we want to!

    1. Yes, it is very nice. And thanks for kind comments. I’m kind of putting myself out there in a new The Model and Me regular post. Want to show that clothes don’t have to be worn on size 8s only to look good. Will draw the line at swimwear for this experiment!

  2. Where can we buy the Wyse Label? It looks perfect for pregnant ladies! The maternity wear available in Australia is pretty limited in choice, and very expensive.

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    1. I know where you’re coming from Alison. Metalicus has some cotton rich fabrics. And wYse uses a fabulous modal fabric made from recycled bamboo – very, very wearable, even for our hot, humid summers.

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