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I’ve been espousing the virtues of mineral makeup {to anyone who’s cared to listen … and even those who don’t!} ever since the birth of my youngest child more than five years ago.  The linking of my addiction to mineral makeup to motherhood is no big coincidence.  For anyone out there who has ever given birth, those weeks and months afterwards are all about survival.

So sue me … I wanted to survive AND deceive everyone with a seemingly flawless complexion at the same time.

Concealer was – and still is – my must-have beauty product.  And mineral makeup gave me the illusion of  glowing skin in TWO MINUTES {when I was far from glowing from a sleep deprivation and cracked nipples}.

My love affair with mineral makeup continues because it’s not only my go-to foundation for getting my “face” on when time is at a premium but because the benefits most mineral products offer your skin are things that shouldn’t be ignored.

I’m often asked what my favourite mineral makeup brand is and the truth is I’ve tried a number of brands and generally I’ve found a fave foundation product in each.  It pays to play and find the one that suits you and your skin. Stick with salon brands and get a skin colour match and lesson from a professional.

Often people who say they’ve tried mineral foundation but found it “cakey” on their skin have not had a proper colour match or have chosen a brand that contains fillers, so the minerals cannot sit in the skin doing their light-reflecting show.

These are the top 4 on my must-have mineral list at the moment. Make them part of your kit and start saving time and your skin.

1.  Youngblood eco-friendly kabuki brushes (large $$59.95; small $55).   Mineral makeup is only as good as its application and that application is only as good as the kabuki brush you use to make that application.  And this is seriously the best kabuki brush I’ve ever used.  Buffing the foundation on is a breeze.  In fact it feels so good, like a loving caress of the skin that you may not want to stop.  The reason:  it’s made from luxe goat hair.  Love the short, lightweight handle made of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  Ph 1800 625 387;

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics eco-friendly Kabuki Brushes from $55

2.  Jane Iredale Lip Crayons ($30).   These are a lip liner/lipstick hybrid in a fat pencil.  I love them and my lips do too.  Choose from five colours,  these creamy mineral-based crayons are made with conditioning, botanical oils and waxes.  They are super smooth, quick and easy to apply and boast medium-term staying power without drying your lips.  They are now very much a part of my go-to beauty kit  for this reason and the fact they double as a cheek tint.  Ph 1300 850 008 or visit

Jane Iredale lip crayon $30

3.  bareMinerals Smoky Eye Kit ($79).  Want smoky eyes in a hurry?  This is the kit for you. Not only does the kit contain two loose mineral colours {Skyline Eyeshadow – opaque coverage in a sultry gray-lilac shade for all-over lid colour and crease contouring and Celestine Glimmer– a softly translucent shade that adds a touch of glistening brilliance to your eyes.} but also a double-ended Smoky Eye Brush {one end buffs on a base while the other end distributes intense colour} and instructions on how to achieve two smoky eye looks.  Love the cute box too. Ph 1800 808 993 or visit

bareMinerals Smoky Eye kit $79

4.  Ere Perez’s new Natural Carrot Colour Balms ($27.95).  Like many mineral or nature-based products, this one has more than one makeup use.  After applying my mineral foundation, a lick of mascara and a gloss, I’ll pop a hint of this on my cheeks for a quick, easy look that’s fresh and won’t let me down if I run into a client at the supermarket. With olive oil, candelilla wax, avocado and carrot (daucus carota sativa) oil, these amazing balms will make your lips and cheeks soft and supple and hydrated. Fragrance free, vegan and certified cruelty free.

Ere Perez Natural Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm

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  1. Ok… so the thing is…. I have a 12 week old baby (number four) and so I am watching a lot of late night infomercials… and I’ve seen my fair share for this mineral make-up stuff.
    So tell me.. for someone who NEVER wears make-up and who doesn’t like to look like she’s wearing make up when she does… could this be an ‘quick fix, make me look a little fancy on the rare occasions I go out, but not looking like mutton made up as lamb’ thing that would work for me?

    1. Absolutely! Just don’t buy from the TV … go to a salon and get colour matched (that way it won’t look like makeup, just even skin tone!). Stick with brands that are pure minerals – no fillers. That way if you don’t have time to remove, it’s actually ok for your skin!

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