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We all know the benefits of having facials to slow down the effects of ageing and environmental stressors on our skin.  But when did you last give any consideration to how your hair copes with those same stressors {not to mention the stress we willingly inflict on it every six to eight weeks with colour and foils}?

If you’re anything like me … never.  Until now.

Yesterday, I experienced a hair treatment that can best be summed up as a facial for your hair {should that be “hair-acial”?}.  But not just any facial.  A facial so luxurious, so pampering, yet so results-driven, that you’ll be booking in again the moment you leave the salon.

You see, a funny thing happens the moment you leave the salon after this treatment … an uncontrollable urge to swish your hair from side to side takes over.  It took over in the carpark, when I picked up my son from kindy, when I was making dinner.  I’ve been swishing so much I’m in danger of giving myself whiplash.

So what’s the name of this swish-inducing hair treatment?  Kerastase Paris Chronologiste.  Remember it.  It’s just arrived in Australia and you are going to hear more and more about it.

I was invited to experience the treatment at Suite Three Hair on Buderim* (on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast).  The salon is one of only 50 in Australia offering Chronologiste and owner Maria Faulder, an award-winning hairdresser with more than 20 years experience, has been blown away by its results.

“It’s the last word in luxury for hair.  It rejuvenates and hydrates hair and creates a real thing of beauty,” said Maria.  “You can visibly see the difference.”

That difference for me was evident before my hair was even dried.  It felt lush.  And incredibly, after just being finger dried with a blow dryer, it was almost as straight as the effect Global Keratin Hair Straightening had on my hair earlier this year {the photo below of my hair has had the styling irons through it but it was 90% straight without}.  And the shine?  I was blown away.  Not least because my super swishy hair will last 10 hair washes.

So how did my hair get from ok to swishable in 1.5 hours?

This is SO the bonus part.  Yes, my hair feels wonderful but I also got to totally relax and be pampered throughout the whole eight-step process.

1.  I realise I’m in for a treat with the preparatory dry massage.  My scalp in massaged to get me read for the entire luxe experience.

2.  My hair is shampooed while lying in the vibrating massage chair.

3.  The Chronologiste treatment is applied to my hair much like a colour would be applied to a full head of hair.  Each section is coated to ensure my hair is treated from root to tip.

4.  My hair and scalp are massaged once again, including a cupping action.

5.  The effect of the treatment is enhanced even further when I’m placed under the Kerastase Micromist, a machine that envelopes my head and first works to open the hair cuticle with heat, allowing the cuticle to better absorb the treatment, before cooling down the hair to close the cuticle.  {I’m offered an iPod at this point but opt to chat to my girlfriend seated next to me!}

6.  My hair is rinsed, allowing the products to emulsify.

7.  As my hair is dried with the hair dryer, I’m quickly realise just how good the result has been.

8.  The ghd styling iron finish is the icing on the cake. 

So, what is it, apart from the pampering, that makes Chronologiste the exciting new direction in hair treatment that it is?

The active ingredients

This in-salon ritual experience fuses nature with science and features a pioneering technology – Mimetic Caviar Concentrate.  These active ingredients are housed within a unique caviar-like structure {little pearls} that are only opened at the time of the treatment.  They are squished to release the gel and combined with the Chronologiste Nourishing cream just before application.

The key active ingredients found in the concentrate include Squalane (an essential fatty acid that naturally diminishes with age, to soften and hydrate the scalp and hair); Vitamin A (an antioxidant to nourish and hydrate the scalp and hair); Vitamin E (a powerful anti-oxidant to protect hair from external aggressions and premature colour-fade;  Pacific Sea Water Enriched Gel (a composition extremely rich in minerals and micro-nutrients to intensely nourish the hair fibre.

Add to that the Madécassoside (an extract of Centella Asiatica to calm, sooth and rejuvenate the scalp), Gluco-Lipid (an active agent to help stimulate activity and provide energy directly to the root); Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant to protect the hair from external aggressions and premature colour-fade;  three new-generation ceramides  (an encapsulation process originating from skincare sciences and used for the first time in hair care for Kérastase Paris. One ceramide is used to repair damaged areas and strengthen the hair fibre. The two remaining ceramides penetrate the scalp to regenerate the hair fibre);  Two Cationic by-products (to soften the hair fibre); and Oligo elements (a combination of oils to deeply nourish the hair) in the nourishing cream and you have a treatment that packs a real punch.

… or should that be swish?

The Kerastase Paris Chronologiste hair ritual is only available in select Kerastase salons throughout Australia.  To locate the salon nearest you, visit www.kerastase.com.au or phone 1300 365 552. *To book an appointment at Suite Three Hair, phone 07 54456700.  The Kerastase Chronologiste ritual costs $80 plus $30 or $35 for a blow wave finish. 

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