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ManLand blogger: Kester Hubbard, 32, lives at Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He divides his time between representative duties as husband to Nikki, the resident styling queen, providing alternative life skill guidance to three children and working in the field of communications, now for a major Australian utilities provider based in Brisbane and formerly as a journalist at for Sunshine Coast Newspapers. His coast/city lifestyle overflows into his fashion and grooming sense, where he likes to pick and choose from the best of what is on offer to create an overall look.

Well! What a month it’s been since Manland 1 snuck onto the WWW. The Maroons sealed a clean sweep of this year’s State of Origin and a sixth consecutive series win, Spain won its first FIFA World Cup, the same tournament helped unveil the planet’s new oracle – Paul the octopus, and there were pile-ups and even punch-ups in the Tour de France.

To the products …

Fudge Urban Stuff for Hair RRP $10.99

In the new Urban range from Fudge, I have found a couple of products that enable me to get through the month “waxident’’ free, without a single embarrassing incident where stray product refused to behave itself! I love a good hair wax. Ever since 1996 when I ditched the bum-part bowl cut, I’ve experimented with different varieties of wax in a search of the perfect hold. From styling paste to stuff so strong you could prop the house up with. Of the 11 styles in the Fudge Urban range, I trialled the Matte Wax and the Surfer Wax, and just as the name suggests, this particular product is a block of wax you can rub on your head just like you are waxing up your board, before moulding with your hands. The Matte Wax was equally effective at adding a raw matte texture to my hair, with a very firm grip that lasts all day. Products in the Fudge Urban range come in brightly coloured flip lid tins that save you from having to screw the lid back on while your hands are still covered in product and are easy to spot amongst the myriad of products on the shelf. The Fudge Urban range is currently available exclusively to Woolworths.

Nivea for Men Revitalising Q10 Eye Roll-On, 15ml RRP $13.47

Experiences with roll-ons had previously only stretched to application of product to the armpits to reduce man stench. But I can now add to that list the revitalising Q10 Eye Roll-On from NIVEA FOR MEN. Basically you apply the roll-on to the skin under your eyes, leaving a lightweight gel that works to brighten up those dark bags that are such a giveaway after a long day… or night. The gel contains Q10, a coenzyme formulated to provide an instant cooling sensation and help support the skin’s natural renewal process. I can’t really tell whether the dark bags have been reduced, watching the Tour (de France) was gruelling. But I’d like to think this product at least went part of the way to helping me mask the fatigue. All NIVEA products are available nationally from supermarkets, mass merchants and selected pharmacies. Stockist no: Ph 1800 103 023.








Trilogy Natural Actives for Men Face Wash and Scrub, 150ml RRP $25

I don’t think there’s anything quite like a session with a good face scrub. No matter how sweaty or seedy you are feeling, a wash with a good dob of scrub and your face can’t help but feel refreshed. Previously I’ve tended to go with the hardest grain possible – something similar to liquified sandpaper. But this month I found something different. Trilogy Natural Actives for Men Face Wash and Scrub is part of a new skincare range powered with jojoba beads to lift away dirt and unclog your pores … gently. The multi-complex mineral M3 includes minerals Zinc, Copper and Magnesium, which energises the skin, stimulates cell regeneration and brightens skin tone, all while fighting free radicals to transform rugged appearances. Now that’s a lot for a bloke to get his head around. What I can tell you is that after using the scrub for a few weeks the mug definitely feels clean and blemish free, which can only be a good thing! Trilogy is sold nationally through Myer, selected pharmacies and health food stores. For further stockist information visit






The Bolt Colllection for Puma – the Yugorun sneaker $130

Much like Michael Jordan did for Nike in the 1990s, Puma is working overtime to get as much mileage as possible out of having the fastest man on the planet signed to its stable and has released a whole range of clothing and footwear to celebrate Jamaican flyer and three-time Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt. Bolt has worked closely with Puma to create a pair of running shoes that are both lightweight and robust enough to withstand the rigors of constant and strenuous training, while still being suitable for everyday wear. The shoes consist of a sock-like mesh and synthetic upper mated with a very lightweight segmented outsole that is all about speed and flexibility, as opposed to heavy duty motion control. Will wearing these shoes bring a little bit of Usain magic to your next run session? No way, keep dreaming!! But they are ultra-lightweight, provide support where it is needed and are very comfortable. The Bolt Collection for Puma is available exclusively at Foot Locker stores nationally. For stockists call 1800 611 811

Songs of the Month

Ok. So in addition to talking about styling products and rambling about sporty stuff, I plan to each month feature the song that I’ve particularly enjoyed. For July I’ve had to go with a double-header, because there are two tracks from two Aussie groups that I just can’t stop playing.

First is Melbourne group Little Red’s latest single Rock It. Like many, I have already picked this as one of the feel good party anthems of the year and tip the track to do very well in next  January’s Triple J Hottest 100.

And second is the much talked about remix of the ABC news theme by Perth electronic rock/drum bass trio Pendulum. Awesome track.

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