Fabulous Friday July 30: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

What an incredible week?  There’s nothing like kick-starting it with a day in Sydney meeting a bunch of fellow bloggers while being beautified and then being sent back home with a bulging gift bag of goodies.  I’m still working my way through all of them (tough job, I know) but will bring you some reviews next week.  It seriously was impossible not to fall head over heels for the Benefit Boutique in Paddington.  It was simply girly heaven.  I love the packaging, I love the ingenius names and I love the products.  Have not been able to stop spritzing the Lookin’ to Rock Rita fragrance ($59), new to the Benefit Crescent Row collection and available from August 7. www.benefitcosmetics.com 

New Benefit Crescent Row fragrances

This news has had my family in stitches and will continue to provide them with a constant source of amusement over the next four months.  I’ve agreed to be one of the “stars” in the Hear and Say Centre’s Dancing with the Local Stars charity event on November 27.  My husband has taken to humming Dancing Queen whenever he’s in my presence and my children are already embarrassed.  Apparently the preparation is not just about booking the spray tan and slipping into a frock – I’ll be training twice a week for 12 weeks.  Which should do nicely as a pre-summer fitness regime.  Oh, and Sonia Kruger {from the Dancing with Real Stars} will be coming along to host.  

Dancing with the Stars' Daniel MacPherson Sonia Kruger

Dancing with the Stars' Daniel MacPherson Sonia Kruger

My body will be in a little bit of shock {oh, ok … a LOT of shock} from such intensive training, so please, pretty please, can someone book me into the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, Four Seasons Resort Bali {Jimbaran Bay} or Four Seasons Hotel Sydney?  I’m not fussy, any would do.  And you want to know why?  Each of these has just won an award in its region for World’s Best Hotel Spas in the 15th Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards readers’ survey.  All three are Sodashi spas – my fave luxury, chemical-free, organic skincare range.  Sodashi founder Megan Larsen is justifyably is stoked by these awards.  “At Sodashi we feel very privileged to have a long standing working partnership with these spas that offer the finest spa experiences and results,” said Megan.  Here, here. 

Sodashi spas - award-winning for a very good reason

Sorry to do this to my southern readers but up here in Queensland, spring has arrived (at least for the weekend) … it really is possible to start thinking of ditching the tights (eek) and focussing on the new, fresh season ahead.  Loving the fact that the nautical look is back (again) – it’s one of my faves.  Trenery (Country Road’s big sister) has new arrivals in store to help you update your wardrobe with this trend – and excitingly for us in Queensland, we finally have our own store … at Robina on the Gold Coast. 

Trenery Night Sky Clean Trench Coat $249; Pacific Blue Jersey Stripe Tee $49.95; Mid Sandstone Clean Trouser $119; Pale Canyon Skinny Leather Belt $49.95; Canyon Yasmin Loafer $129

This one’s for you my super stylish readers … on Monday I’ll be launching a month-long competition where one lucky Styling You subscriber will get to win this the Nokia E72 in amethyst and a limited edition, luxe leather Ginger&Smart for Nokia pouch. Total value $1068.  Make sure you check back in then!

The new Nokia E72 Amethyst and Ginger&Smart leather case valued at $1068

This week on the blog:

So much beauty, so many bloggers, so much fun

This one’s for the bloke in your life:  ManLand July 2010

Tulipani’s ready for the show.  Have you got your MBFF ticket yet?

And now it’s your turn … don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what’s made your week.

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  1. Post

    Thanks so much everyone for making my week by stopping by – all this positive thinking has surely got to make a difference.
    For more Friday positivity, head http://www.whattowear.com – Catherine Harry who commented above does a great video blog every week.
    Kim: what an absolute honour and privelege it was for that lucky couple to have you!
    Kate: you deserve every happiness, even if you have to wear orange high-vis
    Celeste: our children complete our week!
    Dannii: so great to connect with you – enjoy the 1st birthday preparations!
    Catherine: Thanks and great to connect!

  2. It was a simple thing that made my week … Getting back to yoga. Which really was about so much more than the yoga itself (which was awesome, of course). It was about taking some time to honour what it important to me.

  3. Love your week update Nikki! Its been a busy week for me, mainly working, making connections with bloggers, and meeting more and more tweet friends LOL. My little baby girl is one years old in three weeks, so its exciting times. She is growing everyday and its a joy to watch.

  4. As much as my weeks are always busy with work, home and family trying to find that ultimate balance between income, lifestyle and healthy hearts and infectious smiles….it is my children that alway pop to mind when I reflect back on the hightlight of my week. We have a ritual in our happy little home. Homework from 3:30-4:00. Outdoor Play from 4-5:30. Baths 5:30-6:00 6:00-6:30 mum watches the news, has a glass of wine and starts preparing dinner whilst kids and house hound disappear into the front room and watch the Simpsons. 6:30 Whilst dinner is simmering away we all take up our possies on the main lounge and watch neighbours…our favourite soapy (apart from Rafters). So what made my week… my 11yr son announced he wants to move to Ramsey street !!

  5. I have had the most amazing week … so many things are falling into place in my new red dirt home … I had some great wins business wise and my new job is making me feel all inspired to reach for the stars … not even wearing fluro orange has got me down this week! Wishing everyone a FABULOUS FRIDAY and sparkly weekend xox

  6. Marrying two very special friends made my week this week Nikki! It truly is an honour to be in a position to do such an amazing thing. And everytime I am part of a marriage service, watch a couple exchange their promises and give one another their rings… I pray that the words and that experience has everyone who is married already remmember the precious reasons they committed to one another… And with all of my heart I hope it strengthens the love they have even more. Mushy!!

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