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Can you remember a time before straightening irons?  I can.  It was a world filled with boofy, bad-hair days, frizz and a  constant yearning for just-stepped-out-of-the-salon hair.  Ok, so that may be a little over-dramatic, but I do remember the first time my then hairdresser introduced me to flat irons … they were thick stainless steel paddles and quite removed from the ergnonomics and hair-protecting qualities of today’s.

But oh, how they transformed my hair.  And when ghds landed in Australia, it was that revolutionary feeling all over again.  To be honest, I wondered could I ever surprise my hair again?

…  enter stage left, Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine irons (rrp $270) are made by the original founders and inventors of ghd.  The technological difference Cloud Nine has achieved with its regular iron is a highly advanced, adjustable temperature gauge.  Why the six heat options?  Depending on your hair thickness and the style you’re after, you can adjust it to suit (and protect your hair).

But enough about the regular irons … it’s the Cloud Nine Micro that’s won my heart (and my hair).  This baby of the range (rrp $90) is my new essential handbag and travel bag companion.  At just 15cm long and with a heat-resistant guard, it is a minature powerhouse of good-hair-day goodness. It’s got just the one temperature setting (150 degrees) which will handle most styling.

Yes, because it’s micro, it will take you longer to perfectly style an entire head of hair but it’s certainly possible – and on a weekend away, it beats taking your regulars.  And the absolute bonus discovery?  The smaller plates are perfect for flicks and tighter curls … and that’s the way I like it!

For Australian Cloud Nine stockists, phone 1300 C9hair (1300 294 247)

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  1. Any ideas on why the 1300 number is “temporarily out of service”, the store locator on the website links to a page error, and the “contact us” form leads nowhere?? Seams a little dodgy to me 😐

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