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Ed’s note:  This is the first of a monthly blog post and forum for the men in your life, written by my very stylish husband (Trust me, he is spot on when choosing clothes for me).  Each month he’ll be taking a selection of products on the open road “for a solid hit-out” and give you a write up about what’s new, what works and where you can get your hands on them. Let me know what you think … and make sure you get your man to have a read too!

Guest blogger: Kester Hubbard, 32, divides his time between representative duties as the husband to Styling You’s Nikki and provides alternative life skill guidance to his three children.  By day he’s a marketing communications adviser for a major Australian company based in Brisbane and in a former life he was a sports journo. His coast/city lifestyle overflows into his fashion and grooming sense, where he likes to pick and choose from the best of what is on offer to create an overall look.

Surviving a bad case of World Cup fever

As it happens, for my first month I have been able to theme ManLand around the world’s largest, single sporting event, the Football World Cup. Whether you love it, loathe it or are just trying to work out what all the fuss is about, the challenges of geography and different international time zones means catching any live coverage from this year’s World Cup in South Africa is going to require late nights or very early starts … and that is taking its toll. Fortunately, I have been able to turn to some great new products to get me through …

The Duvet Suit, total price full suit $154, Deluxe Down Suit, total price full suit $198 (inc. postage)

It’s all in the name here. This really is a suit (well, a jacket and a pair of pants) made out of duvet – or doona – material. Seriously. And without any mucking around, I have got to tell you, this was a love-at-first wear moment! I had previously been resistant to products that tried to combine the warming comfort of a blanket with semi-functionality created by cutting holes for your head and your hands. That and the advertisements suggesting I wear it to sporting events just wasn’t doing it for me. But when I was offered the chance to put on a doona without losing any range of movement, or looking like a try-hard wizard, well, I couldn’t resist.

When worn, the suit feels like a cross between a tracksuit and a solid pair of overalls. It comes with a detachable hood, pockets (to hold the remote according to the website) and a draw-string in the pants, for ease during toilet breaks (also according to the website, but very true!).  There are standard duvet and deluxe down suits in the range, with each model available in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes and a heap of different colours and prints. These include cow and leopard for the animal lovers, or full camouflage for the hunters wanting to stay toasty while they lie in wait.

And toasty is the word, these suits are amazing. I put mine to the test the other night, watching Harry Kewell get the rough end of another pineapple as the Socceroos were held to a 1-1 draw with Ghana, and despite the single-figure temperature outside and me going into shock thanks to another refereeing disgrace at this tournament, the suit kept every part of me warm and comfortable as I paced the floor or splayed out on the couch. These suits are so comfortable and way more practical than a blanket. I hope it’s a particularly cold winter so I get mine out more often.

To get into your own duvet suit, or just the jacket or the pants, access the shopping cart at 

EVO Winners face balm, 50ml $9.95, 150ml $24.95

Men and moisturising – it’s a strange thing. None of us really feel comfortable admitting to doing it, but those with any sense know that it makes a big difference to how well we scrub up. There is a huge number of men’s moisturisers on the market, and as the partner of a long-time fashion and beauty “expert”, I’ve sampled quite a few. But for me, the Winners EVO face balm has set a new benchmark. The write-up on the tube says it all – “Winners is for men who want their skin to look good. There’s no shame in it; no greasy oils either. It’s a light balm with a matt finish that soothes the raw, hydrates the dry and brightens the previously dull … quick, easy and no commitment”. For anyone who battles shaving rash or tends to look a little worn out after a big weekend, the equation is simple. Get some of this stuff. Evo products are found wherever good hairdressers are stocked. But if you still can’t find them, you can enquire on 1800 882 174 or visit

English Blazer BLACK fragrance product range, priced from $6.95 to $25.95

I learned recently that as winter arrives and the temperature decreases, so too does the intensity with which a fragrance disperses and circulates on your skin. Apparently, winter demands a stronger scent to get those heads turning. (See, I really am informative!)  According to the pack, English Blazer Black has fresh top notes of bergamot and mandarin, heart notes of clove and lavender and a strong base of cedarwood, amber, must and vanilla. Now, I’m certainly not kicking off this segment by claiming to be edgy, urban or a sophisticate, but I can confirm that it is a fresh and masculine fragrance that you can feel comfortable wearing day and night – and won’t bust the budget. The Eau de Toilette and AfterShave Lotion held their fragrance and I found the anti perspirant really does the job. The English Blazer BLACK range is exclusive to pharmacies and available nationally.

Carmex lip balm squeeze tube 10g, $5.99

Whether we ever admit it or not, us blokes dislike having crusty, chapped lips, just as much as the ladies who we try to kiss with them! (Eds note: hopefully, that’s Lady singular on your part!)   Developed by American Alfred Woelbing in the early 1930s and sold to pharmacists from the boot of his car (hence the name), Carmex lip balm is a unique formulation of menthol, camphor and salicylic acid with a base of cocoa butter and waxes that helps to condition and moisturise lips while protecting them from the wind, dryness and the sun. The balm goes on easily, without leaving too much of a tell-tale “I’m wearing lip balm” shine, doesn’t have a feminine or over-bearing chemical taste, is easy to apply from the small squeeze tube and can now be bought at the supermarket as well as pharmacies. Available at all good pharmacies nationally, as well as selected Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets.

Listerine Whitening plus Enamel Protection Mouthwash, from $5.85

I love a good mouthwash. Rarely is it a gentle or quiet experience as I test myself to see how long I can hold on to a mouthful before spraying it into the sink with a whoop of relief. But I love knowing that by going through this I am doing more than just brushing my teeth.  Plus, this newest edition to the Listerine range can make teeth significantly whiter in just six weeks.  Not sure if I achieved that but it certainly helps counteract some of the Vino Russo stains  from many a cheeky Shiraz consumed throughout winter.  Pick this one up at the supermarket too.

Until next month, remember, ManLand is your domain.  Let me know what you would like me to trial and test on your behalf.

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  1. Nikki, when taken travelling, the Lazypatch duvet suit doubles as a sensational pillow on the flight. Took my jacket last winter to NZ and both my little boys slept on it both ways.

  2. Post

    Thanks Sharni – my husband loves his Duvet Suit so much he even took it to Brisbane tonight for his weekly overnighter with his dad … Cowboy would probably love the Camo print!

  3. Love it. Great addition to your site Nikki!!! I can just see the Cowboy donning one of those doona suits, pity I just read this now it is his birthday tomorrow and that would have been perfection on a stick. Love the concept here. Keep it comin’ in manland!

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  5. Kester – I can’t believe you worn the duvet suit…next you will be wearing crocs and snugglies…and here I thought you were a stylish dude.
    Nope not any more (written while shaking head)

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