Product review: Olay Total Effects Moisturiser with Cooling Essence

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Guest blogger: Sarah Morgan, 27, works as a freelance journalist and communications manager for national PR and marketing agency, Campaign Group. Aside from spending time with her new puppy Barkley, Sarah loves op shopping and finding vintage bargains online.

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser with Cooling Essence, $32.95

The facts: New Olay Total Effects Advanced Daily Moisturiser has a new burst of cooling essence, which fights the seven signs of ageing and keeps skin refreshed all day. This variant from Olay Total Effects features an innovative formula that keeps skin hydrated for up to 12 hours.  Glycerol and the age-fighting VitaNiacin complex absorbs deeply into the skin’s surface where the active ingredients work to refresh the skin from within.  Products pigments and emollients stay on the surface to cover imperfections and smooth the skin’s texture.

The review:  Seven signs of ageing – what are they and why are there seven? Whenever I hear this term, I always begin to feel sorry for the number seven. First there were the seven deadly sins and now seven signs of ageing. It’s not much of a good wrap for the number seven, which if you haven’t worked out is my favourite number. I always go for the underdog.

Despite never actually finding out what these seven signs are – I’m all for fighting these elusive little tackers – especially if there are seven of them! I have fond memories of my mum and grandmother using their little magical pots of Olay and thinking wow that’s what grown-ups use. So when I received this product to trial, I thought wow finally I am grown up. I’m one of them now.

Gone are the little red pots, this product is serious. It’s in a serious squirting tube, with the most superior pump I’ve ever seen.  Being grown up is serious now. This product is easy to spread over the skin, isn’t too oily and thick and combined into my skin within an instant.  It has a subtle yet noticeable mint extract, which is rather cooling after a hot shower. After a week of trialling, I’m still yet to notice any differences or change in my skin – might need some patience.

Stockist number/website:, 1800 028 280

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  2. The seven signs of aging are, according to Proctor and Gamble :
    1) Lines and Wrinkles
    2) Rough Skin Texture
    3) Dullness of Skin’s Appearance
    4) Larger appearance of Pores
    5) Blotchiness
    6) Dry Skin
    7) Age Spots
    Seven is also my favourite number! Poor seven. Always getting a bad rap.

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