Product review: Bloom Organics All Purpose Body Balm and Hydrating Body Lotion

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Guest blogger:  Amy Remeikis is a married, twenty-something, beauty-and-fashion-obsessed journalist, who has swapped newspaper deadlines and police rounds for a year of teaching kids English … in Korea.

Bloom Organics All Purpose Body Balm $28 and Hydrating Body Lotion $38

The Facts:  As Aussie as melted bitumen on the back of your thongs on a hot summer day, Bloom Cosmetics has been a makeup bag staple for years.  Now, Natalie Bloom, the founder and all-round trend setter, has added Bloom Organics to her company’s bag of tricks and has done blooming well – 17 of the 20 products in the range have earned the Australian Certified Organic stamp of integrity.  Which means that at least 95% of the product is made with organic ingredients and whatever is left over still shies away from the nasty stuff – it’s naturally produced plant products and/or natural, non-toxic preservatives and additives.

The Review:  The barren, arid plain loomed before me.  I felt thirsty just looking at the sight.  The surface was parched, white, scaly. It was the first time I had looked at my legs in months.  A northern hemisphere winter and a tight-fisted building manager in charge of my apartment’s heating had neccessitated clothing changes be made as quickly as possible.

I never left the house wearing anything less than three layers. As far as I knew, my legs were those cold things which spirted me from one warm place to the next. But now flowers were blooming and it was time to face my skin.

My legs looked accusingly at me.  My torso would not have been out of place in a mermaid flick and my arms … I don’t know if that skin will ever forgive me. The usual body lotions weren’t cutting it.  My skin was dry, dry.  It rebuffed my attempts to hydrate it with the same casual indifference I treat my bills.

And then – Bloom Organics arrived in the post.

I won’t say I wasn’t a skeptical. Because I was.  I have been burnt by “organic” products before.  But Bloom Cosmetics sit well-used in my make-up bag, so I put aside my doubts and lathered up.


After two days of morning and evening applications with the Hydrating Body Lotion, my skin lost that Siberia look and began to resume normal un-scaly transmissions.  My elbows and knees proved a little more stubborn but a slathering of the All Purpose Balm brought them back in to shape into next to no time.

After three days of use, my skin appeared to have forgiven me – continued use this past month has only strengthened our renewed love. Oh – and the products are also good for the envronment, so you can feel good about your purchase at the same time as making your skin feel better.

With the Aussie winter in full swing, I implore you to not let a single derma suffer this season and prepare in advance – moisturise, moisturise, moisturise people.  Not only will Bloom Organics keep away the winter scalies, it also smells pretty blooming good and if you apply at night, that helps you sleep better – a win all round!

Just a tip for those with sensitive skin – do a spot allergy test on the inside of your arm before you slather up like a seal.  Sometimes those oh-so-good essential oils don’t play well at first with the more delicate areas of your body, like your decolletage.  And it is always better to be safe than spotty.

Stockists: Myer, David Jones, pharmacies, Bloom’s Flagship Store (574a Chapel Street, South Yarra, Melbourne) or online at

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