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Guest blogger: Michelle Smytheman, 35, is the managing director of Reflected Image PRoductions, a public relations and video production company on the Sunshine Coast, servicing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.  “A confession, though, when it comes to beauty and preening, generally I am of the no or low-fuss school, and love products that achieve results even though you may not remember to use them as often as you should,” she said.

BioTherm Express 30 minute facial at Myer, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore (free with two-product purchase)

The BioTherm BioSource and AquaSource range including:

  • BioTherm BioSource hydra-mineral cleanser (150ml – $46)
  • BioTherm AquaSource hydra-mineral lotion  (200ml – $46)
  • BioTherm AquaSource super hydrator (50ml – $78)
  • BioTherm AquaSource Biosenstive fragile eye contour (15ml – $75)
  • BioTherm Age Fitness 2 Eye Cream (15ml – $85)
  • BioTherm Hydra-Detox Bio-Defensis Eye Cream (15ml – $75)

The Facts: The BioTherm Express 30 minute facial uses all the products in the BioTherm range for your skin type.  For more than 50 years, Biotherm has studied the skin’s biology to deliver innovative and effective skincare solutions. At the heart of Biotherm products is Pure Thermal Plankton (PTP), a micro-organism found in thermal spring water. PTP has given rise to a new generation of skincare: DERMOBIOTIC cosmetics, a Biotherm exclusive. PTP’s concentrate of active ingredients and wealth of trace elements and minerals soothe and renew the skin. Recent research has revealed PTP also helps stimulate the skin’s natural defences against external aggressions, the main factors in visible ageing, similar to the effects of nutritional probiotics on intestinal cells. PTP therefore functions as a probiotic for the skin, activating its natural cellular defences.

The Review:  Who doesn’t love a facial?  The BioTherm express facial is relaxing, giving you some time to just relax while you are pampered.  The facial starts with a little deep breathing and then includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, a moisturising mask, toning lotion, and the application of eye cream and moisturiser.  In my case, the products came from the BioSource and AquaSource ranges.  It also includes some lovely massage of your face, shoulders and upper back as well as hands. While it was an express facial I really enjoyed being in the caring and skilled hands of Angie.  I went in a little frazzled after a very busy week and came out relaxed, with my skin feeling clean and glowing.  It was also a great introduction to the BioTherm products, which I hadn’t tried before.


BioSource range:  Purify skin with this range of cleansing, toning, and exfoliating products enhanced with oligo-minerals.  Pure, fresh, clean skin.  These formulas remove both makeup and environmental residue, with pure Thermal Plankton soothes and hydrates skin.  Biosource is available in a range of textures and formulas to suit your lifestyle and skin’s needs including: Gel Cleanser, Milk Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser, Exfoliator, Lotion, and Biocils Make-up Remover.

AquaSource Non Stop range:  Revive and brighten your skin with 24-hour non-stop hydration.  Dive into 5000 litres of thermal spring water (reduced to the concentration in pure extract of thermal plankton) and the revitalising, hydration power of trace minerals.  Thanks to a unique moisture network, which is formed after application, skin is hydrated for 24 hours non-stop.   

The Review:

I have combination skin that has a tendency to both dry out and break out (even at my age!) so over the years I have tried many different skin care regimes, though not BioTherm.  However after using BioTherm for just a couple of weeks I have to say I am really impressed.  The range selected for me, by Angie and Pieta at BioTherm, Myer Sunshine Plaza, is great.  It is both gentle and effective and I am in love with both the super hydrator and the Age Fitness 2 Eye Cream, which works wonders for dark circles and puffiness caused by long hours and too much time in front of the computer.  The whole range leaves your skin feely super clean and hydrated without any greasy residue.  I am hooked!

Stockist details: BioTherm counter in Myer stores. Facial days are held regularly or on request if staff available.

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