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The comments have been flowing for weeks now.  “You look great.”  “You’re glowing.” “Have you lost weight?”

At first I couldn’t work out why I was suddenly soliciting such remarks and then it dawned on me.  It was the power of the lash.

More specifically … my new lashes.  My new Xtreme Lashes.

Makeup artist Pru Edwards is a bloody genius when it comes to making you look like a million dollars.  I have her on speed dial for photo shoots and special occasions when my five-minute makeup routine just won’t cut it.  She certainly knows her way around a makeup kit.

And now she’s added another tool to her kit.  Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions. 

The invitation to get lashed came with some specific instructions (much like my Global Keratin experience).

“Come with a totally makeup-free face and clean hair,” said Pru.  “You won’t be able to get your lashes wet for 48 hours or have a hot shower as steam affects the drying stages of the glue. Avoid washing your hair in that time for risk of getting them wet. After that you are free to do as you wish.”

Simple.  No client bookings for two days.  Check.  Large sunnies.  Double Check.

The eyelash application is precise and exact.  You decide how long and luscious you want to go and you get to spend a quality two hours lying down with your eyes shut.  Some may not cope with this.  Me, I’ll jump at any chance to nod off.

Thankfully, Pru gives me permission to do so.  While I’m in la-la land, she painstakingly applies about 100 individual eyelashes to my existing eyelashes.  Before starting she’s maps out where they’re going to go to get an even result.

I’m impressed at her patience but she’s quick to point out that it’s this precision that she actually enjoys.

And the result.  Wow.

Please ignore the state of my eyebrows and skin sans makeup in the below photos  (I did not plan ahead for these pics!) but I had to include them as the difference is just amazing, yet so natural looking.

A few days later, I’m driving two girlfriends to Byron Bay and I remove my sunnies as the rain sets in and I can no longer see.  They notice immediately … now THAT is the power of the lash.

What are you waiting for? Go get some and start practising your batting.

PS. It’s five weeks on and I’ve still got a few Xtreme ones giving my own lashes a boost.  Ideally you have them “infilled” much like acrylic or gel nails every two weeks so that no-one ever knows the difference!

A full set of Xtreme Lashes costs $180.  To keep up the look, infills are $90.  To book with Pru, visit www.pruedwards.com.au

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    Oh, that would be a problem. That’s why this company really goes throughly through all the details about what the process entails, so you don’t get caught out. Me … I was out to it and even did that thing where you jolt yourself awake as you lapse in and out of consciousness … lucky I didn’t end up with an eyelash attached to my brow!

  2. wow they look fantastic, but gotta tell you, I could NEVER have that done Nikki. I had a panic attack when I had my eyelashes tinted!!! Something about not being able to open my eyes makes them want to open…. strange I know, but 2 hours would send me over the edge! Shame, they look so great!

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