Product review: Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess lipstick in Anna and Lianna

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Guest blogger:  Simone Merlo is a 36-year-old woman who likes to have balance in her life.  Balance to her means spending time on the weekends with her two children aged 9 and 10 together with her hubby on their property working in the garden and tending to their animals.  This is in complete contrast to the other end of her spectrum, which is owning and running an established modelling agency.  She glams it up through the week utilising all the skills she has acquired from working for 20 years in the modelling/fashion/beauty industry and can to look great in under 15 minutes each day.


Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Anna and Lianna $33

The facts: 

Anna – The ravishing raspberry shade glides on with creamy ease and lends itself to exceptional wear and provides a shot of dewy sparkling shine.  Laced with emollient-rich sugars, it is also a nourishing treat for the lips.  Napoleon recommends using a lip brush to build up your coverage a little at a time.  Always be sure to apply your lipstick all the way into the corners of the lips on both the top and the bottom.  Do not apply over the outer edge of the lip line.  Don’t forget to press your lips together slightly to ensure an even application.

Lianna – A delicious sheer nude that creates a lustrous finish without overpowering colour.  A moisture-rich base, including Marigold extract and a high percentage of shiny oils create a full, sexy pout every time.  Napoleon recommends lining your lips after you have applied your lipstick to ensure that more natural outline that will still prevent lip colour from bleeding.

The review:  I was pleasantly pleased with both of these Napoleon products.  Initially I thought the packaging was a little bulky and would never fit into all the tight spots my lipsticks find themselves in but I soon realised that having a lipstick that leaves my lips feeling moisturised and cared for, instead of dry and cracked outweighed any minor cons.  I found the nude shade, Lianna fabulous.  I have been wearing it to death.  It adds that healthy finished look with a hint of sparkle. The raspberry shade, Lianna, is beautiful.  I always find that reddish shades dry my lips out but not this one.  It is a healthy, glossy pretty shade that is not ‘vampy’, you’ll love it.

Available at Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, David Jones and more than 650 pharmacies and salons throughout Australia. Phone 1800 814 572 or visit

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