Hats off to fashion at Sunshine Coast Ladies Oaks Day

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It’s a public holiday today for one part of where I live – a show holiday from a local government area we had before amalgamation a couple of years ago. (Crazily we still have three show holidays for our region – your kids could be off school and you could be at work depending on where you live and work!).

The thing with this show holiday … most people don’t tend to go to the show.  Thousands of sweet young things and guys chasing sweet young things descend on the local race course – Corbould Park – for Ladies Oaks Day.  Think night club atmosphere but with daylight.  The champagne works VERY fast.  Have I painted a picture here?

One shining light of the day is the Myer Fashions on the Field event, although I should point out that some of those sweet young things who think they’re at a night club, also think they have an outfit fit for a winter racing carnival.

The overall quality of fashions on the field entrants HAS definitely improved over the past five years … for the girls anyway (the guys still think it’s HILARIOUS to wear a yellow suit).   The girls are slowly getting that it’s not Spring Carnival and they do need to show a hint of winter to pass muster in their outfit.

I’m usually behind the judge’s table, so I’ve seen my fair share of scary fashions on the field behaviour … particularly if a boyfriend of an entrant doesn’t like your decision. (No, mate, she needs to wear a dress, not a top.  And preferably she’s also able to stand upright on stage despite consuming half her body weight in UDLs before attempting to do so).

Today, I reversed roles and stepped on stage for the Best Hat section to shine my milliner’s light.  Sandy Aslett (Hats by Sandy A) made my gorgeous hat when she hosted milliner Neil Grigg at her studio.  I didn’t win my section but luck was on Sandy’s side in the main section, Best Female Outfit.  The winner was Georgia Burke and Georgia was wearing one of Sandy’s designs and a dress from The Lily Room.

Me, I got to channel a little Grace Kelly-meets international woman of mystery for a few hours before returning to reality and the school pick-up!

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