Fabulous Friday May 21: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Best comment wins a fashion and beauty prize.

1.  Welcome Borne Naked.  So excited to have my first advertiser.  It might not mean much to you (except if you are a blogger) but I was really stoked to have this company as my first.  Owner Amanda George is a gorgeous business woman who came up with the idea that, yes, women love to own many handbags, but no, we don’t like to swap all our “things” over too often.  Solution:  clear handbag inserts.  You can see what’s in them and you just swap them from one bag to the other.  I love Amanda’s 1950s’ inspired branding too. If you want more info – click on the ad at right and tell her I sent you. 

2.  Speaking of all things vintage style.  My fab girlfriend Amy Remeikis (she’s guest blogged here quite a bit and I love her even more for that!) commented on my Neil Grigg post that she wished she’d been around for the days when going out meant wearing a hat, gloves and stockings – no matter where “out” was.  And I must admit that after spending a couple of hours with this millinery legend at a masterclass hosted by Buderim milliner Sandy Aslett, I’d have to agree.  Accessories really do make an outfit and the hat is the pinnacle.   Lucky, I get to unleash my inner vintage and a fabulous new Hats by Sandy A hat at Ladies Oaks Day at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club next week.

Me and Neil

3.  Buy of the week:  Lydia Jewels Signature Flower Collection ($94.50 each).  I love Lydia-Jane’s work and was excited to learn this week that she’s made her flower collection her signature item (you know like Tiffany’s silver heart, Louboutin’s scarlet sole, Vivienne Westwood’s artful pirate boots) by releasing a collection of elegant crystal flowers in response to a demand from her loyal fans.  Love these daisy flower-shaped earrings, encased with coloured crystal, and a petite rose in the centre.   You’ll also find a selection of Lydia Jewels’ pieces in my shop.

4.  Lust-have of the week:  My problem with some of the lovely people I meet on Twitter (and Lydia-Jane above is one of them!) is that I head to their website and then find myself lusting after their gorgeous products.  The problem being I want to buy them!   This week I “met” the gorgeous Ruth Hawkins from Ruthy’s Rides.   Ruth’s story (and I love how in the online world everyone has a story) is that she’d heard that bikes were back in fashion (no, we’re not talking bikes requiring their riders to wear lycra) and got pretty excited about forgetting the gym, cycling to work, saving $1000s, and getting her girlfriends to buy them too so life would become all about picnics and long weekends in the wine country.  She soon found out it wasn’t so simple. “Most bicycles my girlfriends and I found in Australia were either pretty plain or pretty expensive, and we were just looking for pretty.  And gears for the hills,” said Ruth.  Rather than head back to the gym, she worked out how to bring a range of beach cruiser bikes to Australia herself – and Ruthy’s Rides was born.  Prices start from $339 for a ladies cruiser.  The Ladies Wiltshire Eurosport 3-speed Cruiser ($799, pictured below) is officially on my lust list.  

Special offer: Ruth is offering Styling You readers a 10% discount on all purchases. Just contact her via the website to take advantage. All bikes and accessories are delivered within two-five working days.

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  2. My week has been right up there in the grand scheme of things!!I can honestly say that Wednesday was one of my four most special days of my life!!
    First three being my wedding day to lovely Fudgie and the two days i brought the world’s two most amazing young men into this world..
    My best friend called me from Spain.He’s been battling throat cancer for over a year.He’s had chemo three times in order to shrink this big tumour at the root of his tongue.He has been worried that he’ll at the very least,lose his speech (not to mention the unthinkable)…Anyhow,he called me on Wednesday morning to say that it has GONE,WE WON!
    I have worn a feather boa and tutu for two days!!Also celebrating a very successful Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation Gala Ball at Hyatt Coolum last Saturday night!!Wooooohooooooo

  3. What has made my week is realising how many absolutely amazing friends I have attracted to me this year….so many new kindred spirits (you know who you are); so many long term bestys (am I too old to use the word besty?). Lovin’ sharin’ in their lives and them in mine.

    In all the craziness I think it is important to stop and take stock … and that was this week for me…..in such a great mood as a result.


  4. My week started off bad, was in a 3 car accident where I was in the middle but my boyfriend came to my rescue and drives me everywhere now since my car is undriveable, he even drove me to the Kookai sale where I found some great bargains so that’s made my week end much much better, big thanks to my man

  5. What’s made my week:
    *My new over knee Sportsgirl boots, which the top folds over and then they are knee high.. <3 them!
    *Being cold enough down here to wear boots and scarves (of both I have too many lol).
    *My wonderful friends IRL and on twitter/facebook
    *Spending too much at Provincial Living and now my bathroom has had a makeover 🙂

  6. Oh fun! I’m going vintage too… I have a fabulous ’40s dress. Will be making my own fascinator, as the vintage hat I was going to wear has unfortunately seen better days. I will totally see you there!

    Oh ps the thing that’s made my week is finally saying goodbye to my birth control 😉


  7. I’ve been having an injure arm for 6 months and workcomp did not want to help by denying all of my claims so I told my dr to go ahead and put under my medical ins and get me started. He got me started by finishing up doing more xray and further more. That def made my week! I aint gonna suffer no more…

  8. I was asked my favourite quote and replied, “I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.” Inspirational words from Robert Frost for all of us free thinkers that are not sheep. No regrets in my life.

  9. Wow – clear handbag inserts – what a great idea! Congratulations also Nikki. You have had a wonderful week. My week was made wonderful with a gorgeous diamond ring from my even more gorgeous ‘fiance’ while hot air ballooning over the rainforest. Isn’t it funny how much more real it becomes when you tell somebody?

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