Confession time … I wore pjs to the bus stop today. Oops.

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I know my southern Australian readers will scoff at me when I say the mornings have been pretty damn chilly this week.  Go on, scoff away. 

I’m not complaining really … I do love a good doona snuggle when the temperature drops (… minds out of the gutter, people, this is a G-rated site) .  It’s just at some point as a mother and business owner, I’m expected to extricate myself from under said doona. 

This morning this did not come easily.  (I usually jump and out, operating on automatic pilot when the alarm goes off at 5.30am so I can squeeze in a walk or yoga session. No, I’m not a morning person, I just do it.)  This morning … no jumping.  Despite pleas from children that jumping should be occurring. 

The reason for my slothfulness:  I blame my new pyjamas.  The lovely Linda Wood at Sleep Secrets sent me a pair to trial and, quite frankly, I’ve not wanted to take them off since.  Which, as you can imagine, might not be considered altogether ok for someone who claims to know how to help others find their style mojo. 

Except that these pyjamas aren’t your run-of-the-mill flannelette variety and there’s not a cutesy animal print in sight. 

No, they are more “pass me the martini” lounge wear than “where’s my instant coffee?” jim jams. 

The “Secret” part in Secret Sleepwear comes in the fabrication.  Bamboo. A natural, eco-friendly fabric, with added health benefits, and the best bonus of all is that they are so luxe to wear.

“Bamboo fabric is light to the touch, drapes beautifully and gives you the look and feel of silk or cashmere. The styling of our sleepwear garments create a high fashion image, making our garments ideal for women who want to feel comfortable and look fabulous,” said Linda.

When developing her products, Linda was also on the hunt for a fabric that would help women who are going through menopause feel comfortable and get a good night’s sleep. “The Bamboo fabric is not only strong, and long-lasting, but the health benefits of bamboo are particularly attractive for women experiencing menopause, pregnancy, night sweats and various medical conditions,” she said.

“Bamboo fabric has excellent wicking properties, drawing moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric and evaporating quickly keeping you dry, cool and comfortable, thereby promoting a good night’s sleep. Bamboo clothing is also especially good for sensitive skin and allergy prone skin.”

The Katherine Pyjama Pants ($69.95) feature contrast silk piping on the hem.  They’re teamed with the Katherine Top ($79.95) but I like to wear mine with a fitted cami to balance out the volume of the pants.  That’s just my preference for sleeping, which brings me back to this morning …

So, I’m lying in bed in my Sleep Secrets pyjama pants, cami and very unstylish fluffy bed socks.  [Eldest son has got himself dressed, fed and watered (yes, training of past 15 years is paying off) and is out the door.  Daughter is up and organising youngest son with hot Milo and toast (yes, training of past 13.5 years is paying off).]

Me? I really did have great intentions of getting up, showering and getting dressed to drive my daughter to the bus stop for school.  Really, I did.

But then, I thought, what’s the worst thing that could happen if I drove her there wearing my pjs?  I knew they were pjs.  My daughter knew they were pjs. But no-one else would know … would they? Genius Sleep Secrets.

Have you ever worn your pjs to do the school run?  Have you been caught out?  Would love to hear your stories … leave a comment below.

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