Straight locks rock: Global Keratin Hair Treatment Part 3

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It’s now more than a month since my locks were given the Global Keratin treatment.

In that time, I’ve had my hair re-coloured (you need to wait 14 days after the treatment to do so) and cut, I’ve been to the beach (If you go swimming in the ocean or in a pool, you need to wet your hair first and comb through the conditioner.  Then wash immediately after your swim) and I’ve spent a whole lot less time paying attention to how my hair looks.

Do I still have to use my ghds?  No, I don’t.  But I choose to do so for a more polished look (see photo below).  It’s not like my hair ironing of past – it’s more just a click going over the top couple of layers.

And I don’t do this every day.  Some days I just let it dry naturally.  And it looks perfectly ok. (see photos below)

There is a noticable difference in “boofiness” on the thicker side of my hair to the thinner side (and this is something for me to make my hairdresser aware of next time round so it can be accommodated).

The silkiness is definitely still there (it’s my new party trick to let friends touch my hair!) but the big bonus of this treatment was and still is the time it saves me in getting ready each morning.  Priceless for a working mum of three …

Have you had the Global Keratin treatment?  Let me know what you thought … leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi ladies

    I’m going in tomorrow for my GKT. I’m not sure if it’s the old or the new GKT. I thought the old formula was recalled. However the hairdresser assures me it’s the old so it might not be as affected (sounds all very dodgy to me!). I’m sooo skeptical.

    Will see how I go. wish me luck!

    Thanks for the blog, it’s been quite reassuring 🙂

    Thick, mega thick, wavy hair x

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  2. I just had my hair done today with Global Keratin but the hairdresser didn’t shampoo my hair 3 times with a clarifying shampoo nor did it sit for 30 minutes with it on.
    It was basically applied to my shampooed hair then dried off with a hairdyer then straightened with a GHD. I bought shampoo that I was told contained no sulphate however looking at the ingredients it does contain Sodium Benzoate. I think I’ll research this shampoo issue.
    I really hope this works as well for me as it did for you! I’m going to miss the gym 🙁

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      Hi Jenine
      It’s been over a year since I wrote these posts. The products that are currently being used are different and the procedure may have changed. If you have any concerns, I would phone Global Keratin Australia 1300 40 20 64. There are a lot of hair taming systems out there now, so it may be ok.

      1. Hi Nikki
        Thanks for your reply. Yes I was aware the product had now changed, it no longer contains formaldehyde. I can’t seem to find any forums or feedback on the new formula.
        It is now post 72 hours since my treatment and I followed the critical steps, avoiding getting my hair wet – not one drop, no gym to risk sweat, keeping it as straight as possible by going over it with the straightening iron. I used the sulphate free shampoo, towel dried smoothed through some Moroccan oil and gently blow dried my hair – only to be totally fizzy
        🙁 I then re-wet my hair and let it dry naturally only to be a fuzz head still 🙁 so disappointed. My hair is very wavy naturally although not ringlets or overly curly and I wasn’t expecting this treatment to straighten my hair but certainly relax and de-frizz but it was not to be. I am going back to the salon to show them.

  3. Just had the treatment today,and am trying to be positive, but at the moment my hair feels awful – dead straight with some bits sticking out and full of ‘product’. Not silky smooth or soft. It felt way better before the treament. Is this normal?

    1. Hi, I’m not a hairdresser but that doesn’t sound normal to me. Mine felt silky smooth at the end of the treatment. Yes, it was dead straight but that’s what the treatment initially does. As you wash it after the 72 hours there will be more volume. If you are having doubts, head back to your hairdresser to get it looked at.

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    Hi Bron, I’ve been told I’ll get between 8-12 weeks out of mine. Everyone’s hair is different and it will depend on the quality of your hair. The more you have it done, the longer it lasts in between. You would just have to avoid the gym for three days after getting in done (you can’t sweat or put in a hair tie!). After that all good! The cost depends on your hair length and thickness – something you would have to check on with your hairdresser.

  5. I have dead straight hair in the front and curls at the back of my head. I would love to try these, but get scared to do so. How long does it last? Is it easy to do and not that expensive really is it? I also have two young children and work – plus go to the gym regularly and drying my hair is annoying all the time, but if I dont I end up with extra boof!, so cutting down time in the morning is always a bonus….

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