Product review: Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Ageing Starter Protocol kit

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Guest blogger:  Belinda Orpin, 39, lives in the Mooloolah Valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with her four children. She works full time (“almost 24/7”) as a real estate agent and loves it.  When she’s not working or with the kids, she’s walking acreage properties, or with her horses.  She loves a face cream with great hydration, and has tried a lot of different ones (from quite expensive to supermarket ones to ones from the markets and natural products). Her friends can always tell if she is using a good cream or not.

Olay Professional Pro-X  Anti-Ageing Starter Protocol kit $99.99

The facts: The new range from Olay Professional re-signals skin to perform more like it did when you were younger – so you will get younger looking skin. Clinical trials of the Pro-X range have shown visible results in just 28 days. The Olay Professional Pro-X range contains a combination of multiple anti-ageing ingredients such as Niacinamide, Pal-KTTKS, Carnosine and Caffeine, plus new ingredients Hexamidine and Pal-KT. These ingrediants are used to strengthen and nourish skin in new ways to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

This scientifically advanced range of powerful, proven and professional products was formulated based on the breakthrough science of genomics.  Olay Scientists used advanced genomics tools to explore how skin-related genes function and, more importantly, respond to ageing and environmental stress at the molecular level.  They then went on to map the molecular fingerprint of young skin versus aged skin to identify differences at the most fundamental levels.  This understanding was then leveraged to help create Olay Professional Pro-X.

The first product to be launched in the Olay Professional Range is the Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Ageing Starter Protocol, which includes:  Age Protection Lotion with SPF 15, Wrinkle Smoothing Cream and Eye Restoration Complex.

The review:  As I said before I love a great hydrating cream, and I was impressed. The lotion was light but you felt like you were using a cream. It did not leave a greasy feeling on your hands. I don’t like that greasy residue, as I am always running so I like to apply my face cream and be able to put makeup on pretty much straight away. The wrinkle cream (night cream) was definitely of a thicker concentrate and feel, but again you felt like it was doing its job, without the greasy feeling of it being on your face. I have applied face creams in the past and had to take it off as i can feel it sitting on my face. I felt both creams were hydrating. The eye cream was light and easy to apply from the squeeze tube and all three were packaged lovely. I felt like I was getting great value for money.  I feel this product would be great for my age bracket or for women who are just starting to get those little lines and wrinkles.  Great value for three products (one skincare product can sometimes cost $100!). Thumbs up!; ph 1800 028 280

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    i can’t thank you enough. after using your products my face look ten years younger. no kidding. i save money for the next bottle as it is out of my budget but your products (PROx) is worth every penny. A MILLION THANKS!

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