Product review: griffin+row Exfoliate and Enrich combine for indulgent mask

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Guest blogger:  Raelene Byrne is an energy healer, teacher, sacred site retreat facillitator, meditation guide/leader and more.  She offers the simplcity and clarity to help people remember that by making choices you can create the life you deserve and be in the space of  “being all that you are”.

griffin+row Exfoliating Organic Cotton Cloth and Enrich Moisturising Cream ($51.99)

The facts:  griffin+row is naturally effective skin care specially designed to suit your lifestyle and values.  Ingredients are all natural, free from harmful chemicals and products that may be toxic to your skin, health and wellbeing, the products are Australian owned and made and not tested on animals nor contain animal products. Exfoliate is a smart, double-purpose cleansing and gentle natural cotton cloth used to exfoliate skin.  Enrich is a luxurious antioxidant night cream enriched with a higher concentrate of centess complex, a unique synergistic blend of purest plant extracts and natural ingredients that directly target the causes of skin ageing for fast, visible results.  Use both products to create a mask: cover the face with a generous helping of Enrich. Plunge the cloth into semi hot water for 10 seconds and cover face. Sit back and relax for five to 10 minutes.

The review:  With two adult sons who have flown the coop and are creating their own place on the planet, I thought I would have had an enormous amount of time for me. However, with the business I run growing at the speed of light, the time to pamper myself is limited. There is always something else to do.  These products helped me create a space in my day where I could stop, put my feet up and surrender. With many masks and limited time, we tend to put one on and then do other tasks or work while the mask sets. With this one from griffin+row, you have an organic cotton cloth that you place in warm water then cover your face. This ensures that you are able to put your feet up, relax and give yourself that luxury of time to be. The added bonus is your skin looks fresher, clean and there is a definite radiance.  It only takes five to 10 minutes. What a lovely way to tell yourself that you deserve time for you? I found the product very rich and most luxurious. The cream on your face with a warm cloth over the top was quite blissful. I definitely loved the feel of my skin afterwards and the packaging was lovely. It would make the perfect as a gift for someone. I think many people, even men would benefit from the this product. We all need to place some importance on our own personal care and time for that without the feeling of guilt, or trying to do a number of things at the same time … mmmm, it’s always a challenge to do that part!  

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