Product review: Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan

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Guest blogger: Kate Fryer, the face behind Katiebo Jewellery & Accessories,  always needs to look her fabulous best at a moments’ notice.  She loves trying new things, but will generally always go back to the basics.  She doesn’t have a good track record with fake tan, with her pale complexion, they generally render her an “oompa loompa” – her words not mine!

Fake Bake Platinum Face Self-Tan with Apple Stem Cell Technology $59.95

The facts: Fake Bake Platinum Face uses scientific breakthroughs in stem cell technology to create a facial tanning lotion that has been proven, through extensive trials, to turn back the signs of ageing.  It contains a combination of Fake Bake’s award-winning tanning formula, as well as Mibelle Biochemistry’s highly acclaimed, naturally derived anti-ageing ingredient PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica.  Winner of the European Cosmetics Innovation prize for “Best Active Ingredient”, PhytoCellTec malus Domestica is a liposomal that contains tiny bubbles made from the same material found in plant cell membranes.  Basically, Fake Bake contains characteristics that can be transferred to help human stem cells preserve their youthful characteristics and help protect and repair damaged skin, essentially delaying biological ageing.  And you’ve gotta love that!

The review:  The product is beautifully packaged, and as a Libran obsessed with aesthetics, this is particularly pleasing!  When I pumped the first bit out I was shocked at the deep brown colour of the lotion … and to be honest was fraught with trepidation at having to plaster it on my pale face (OMG what if I wake up looking like an orange m&m?).  But in spirit of trialling a product, I smoothed the lotion on and was surprised to find it’s actually quite sheer and spread very easily and actually ended up giving me just a slight bronze tinge, rather than the jaffa-like complexion I thought I would find myself with.  And so I went to bed wondering how I would look in the morning.  To my surprise, after rinsing my face with warm water I had developed quite a natural looking tan.  The instructions advised re-applying the product as makeup during the day, which if you had a deeper complexion would be great.  For me, with pale skin, I think applying it at night would be best.  I was also really impressed at the way my skin feels after using it for just a few days.  My skin feels soft … and best of all … bronzed!  I can’t wait to see what it does after a month. I would definitely use this again … and would love to try some other Fake Bake products.  I might just be a convert.

Stockists: or ph 1300 787 587

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