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Guest blogger Kester Hubbard (the husband), 33, lives at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. He divides his time between representative duties as the husband to the resident styling queen, providing alternative life skill guidance to three children and working in corporate communications for a major Australian industrial firm, based in Brisbane. His coast/city lifestyle overflows into his fashion and grooming sense, where he likes to pick and choose from the best of what is on offer to create an overall look.:

American Crew Fiber; Forming Cream; Citrus Mint Paste $33.95

The facts: American Crew has been at the forefront of men’s hair styling products for a number of years. And, whether a man wants to give his hair intense hold, superior shine or a care-free natural look, American Crew has a range of waxes and creams formulated to complement and create any hairstyle. The products are specifically formulated to avoid the ‘over-gelled’ look caused by greasy styling products and include active and conditioning ingredients that help provide a style that is both effortless and healthy.

The review: For a very-blonde guy (colouring only, no jokes about brain-power please) with hair that is both fine and a bit oily by the end of the day, I have taken great interest in finding the one styling product that could help give my hair extra thickness and texture, while maintaining a modern look that can be both sporty and corporate. I had used some American Crew products before and been very impressed with them so the offer to test-drive three different types of styling product had me quite excited … is that really as sad as it sounds? Previously I have chased products with the strongest hold possible (think cement) in an attempt to get more body into my hair and try and keep it there longer than it took me to walk out of the bathroom.  Here’s how I found these three products for my hair:

Fiber: Boasting high holding power and low shine, I had a feeling Fiber would be the product best suited to my styling needs. Tough enough to give my hair some guts, but with a low shine that won’t leave me too greasy by the end of a working summer day in Brisbane. I wasn’t disappointed. Fiber provides a strong hold and adds texture and thickness to my short choppy cut, without making me feel like I’ve squirted a lug of liquid nails onto my head. It has the strength to get me through a working day and into an evening out without the need to re-apply and provides a matt finish.

Citrus Mint Paste:  Definitely the product with the most fancy name. And yes, with a formulation of citrus and mint oils, there is a somewhat minty fragrance. The paste is designed to give hair hold without saturation and weight and is said to be perfect for a natural, low-shine finish. This is a great paste and certainly worked through my hair easily to give an instant style. But I found it didn’t  really have the holding power my hair requires and would be better suited to someone who had a thicker canvas to start with.

Forming Cream:  The Forming Cream is aimed at men new to the American Crew hairstyling range, and is said to be perfect for all hair types, giving medium hold and a natural shine. Being a cream, this product works through your hair really easily and once again provides an instant styling to your mop. This product has a stronger hold than the Citrus Mint Paste and I quite liked the result I could achieve with it.

Overall: I liked all three American Crew products, and recommend the range to guys who want a product they can trust to get it right the first time without the risk of chunky bits or a greasy look. My step-son has a ridiculously thick head of hair, so I have directed him towards the Citrus Mint Past and Forming Cream, while I will be sticking with the Fiber.

American Crew products are available from selected leading salons throughout Australia. For stockist details, please call 1800 104 204.

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