Jessica Watson sails into Australian waters with Ella Bache skin survival pack

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I had a little tear in my eye reading the Sunday papers yesterday.  There were Jessica Watson’s mum and dad hovering above her little boat as it entered Australian waters off the coast of Western Australia.  Their 16-year-old on the homeward run of a record-breaking attempt to be the youngest person to sail solo around the world. You’d just want to be able to give her a big hug, wouldn’t you?

Jessica’s family live just up the road from me on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.   My daughter is just three years younger than Jessica and I would be in serious shock if she came home one day with such a goal … said shock would be caused by a number of factors, not least being she’s never sailed on a boat before.  

Ever since news of Jessica’s intention to sail around the world broke, she’s divided opinion as to the safety and sanity of such an endeavour.  Everybody seemed to have an opinion and Australia’s infamous tall poppy syndrome was well in truly in operation.  

One company that has been behind Jessica from the start is Ella Bache.  Over the past six months, Jessica has been trialling a bunch of products on board Ella’s Pink Lady for the skincare company. (I can tell you that Ella Bache Great Sportsbloc 30+ is the only sunscreen I use when anywhere near the water and I bet it’s been a fave for Jess too). 

In celebration of Jessica’s impending return next month, Ella Baché and Jessica Watson have teamed up to introduce a Skin Survival pack ($69) targeting the main skin concerns young skin can experience, such as oiliness, blackheads, infected pimples and hormonal acne. 

First step in helping your teen’s skin is a free skin diagnosis by a highly trained beauty therapist.  The therapist will then prescribe a four-step solution that balances (pH and oil), exfoliates and hydrates to gently and effectively treat young skin, without aggravating any problems.  All skin types – dry to oily, can suffer from problem skin due to hormones, dehydration and external aggressors. 

“It is important to understand that oil has two key functions on the skin, it is essential to balance but not completely remove or strip this oil away from the skin as doing so may aggravate any acne,” said Amber Scott, Ella Baché’s national training manager. 

Visit for further details. Young Skin Starter packs are available from Ella Baché salons and David Jones stores nationally in May or until stocks last. For stockists call 1 800 789 234 or visit our location finder at www.ellabaché 

For more news on Jessica, visit her blog.

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