Fabulous Friday April 8: what’s made your week?

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In honour of my new-look blog, this is my new weekly post, Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I’ll share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Leave a comment below.

1.  Buy of the Week:  Country Road Jersey Sweat Pants ($79.95).  I have a confession to make.  I love nothing more, when the weather turns cooler, than lounging around in trackie pants.  Not particularly stylish, you might be thinking.  I say, horses for courses.  Or in this case leggings for trackies. Loving these pants I bought this week. Great with an oversized sweat (hot chocolate and chicklit novel optional extras) for a weekend chill out.

2.  School holidays:  This week it’s all been about the kids.  When not purchasing Ben 10 undies for Mr 4, I’ve been coaching on part-time job hunting for Mr Almost-15 and wardrobe editing for Miss 13-going-on-30.  Happy to report Mr Almost-15 got a job; Miss 13 found a gap in her wardrobe and bought these new Converse shoes (classic Connies are apparently SO LAST YEAR); and Mr 4 has taken to wearing his Ben 10 undies on the outside.  Happy days.

3.  Me time.  On a day-to-day basis this can be quite elusive.  I keep looking for it under the sofa but just can’t find it anywhere.  In an attempt to create me time, have recently embraced meditation … not sure if I’ve got it yet but closing the bedroom door and putting on my husband’s Bose headphones to block out noise of children on school holidays surely has to be beneficial for my sanity? (NB. husband’s headphones do not feature pink Swarovski crystals as pictured below but perhaps I’ll need my own pair soon … just saying)

4.  New handbag essential.  Colgate WISP mini disposable toothbrushes have taken the US by storm.  Now you too won’t want to leave home without one, particularly if you have a post-lunch meeting or are heading out after work with friends.  These mini gems have a built-in cleaning bead so you don’t even need water – there’s even a soft pick on the other end of the brush.  Priced from $1.99 for a pack of two.

5.  Did you know?  “If you do wear one fragrance in winter and another in summer, extend the life between seasons by storing the bottle in the vegetable crisper at the bottom of the refrigerator,” recommends perfume expert Michael Edwards.  Sorry, zucchinis, no room for you.  Coco Mademoiselle has your spot covered.

6.  Currently loving Florence + The Machine. My husband found this YouTube clip last weekend – a live version of You’ve Got the Love with Dizzie Rascal at the Brit Awards.  This tune will be spending quality time in your head in the coming months with the new Masterchef series picking it up as its theme song.  Listen out for my other Florence fave, Dog Days are Over, in the Eat, Pray, Love  movie out in August.

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  1. My pleasure, Cheryl – and everyone you should check out this fabulous shoe/fashion store. High Heels Mooloolaba (www.highheelsshop.com.au)or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/HighHeelsMooloolaba)or Twitter (www.twitter.com/HighHeelsShop

  2. My highlight for the week would have to be FINALLY arriving into the 21st Century and getting onto Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to one very helpful Nikki. Many thanks for showing me the how’s and why’s of social networking. X

  3. My ten year old daughter & I just returned from a week of holidays in beautiful Melbourne – we had the best time exploring the city together; eating; doing all the tourist things; finding cute little cupcake stores; visiting the fairy penguins at Philip Island & spending quality time together. My daughter also won the easter colouring-in competition at the gorgeous hotel we stayed at – she said getting that call was by far the best day of her life as “mum, I put my whole heart into that entry” !!

  4. What made my week was taking the bold step from blonde to blue/black in the hair department. Have been contemplating it since Adam Lambert released his debut album For Your Entertainment, and while I don’t think I will be employing the gold and green eyeshadow he has applied for the album cover. I certainly am rocking the dark locks for the cooler months.
    Follow me on twitter @nathanaelcooper to find out what else is happening!

  5. My highlight was walking away from the opening night of La Ronde tonight knowing it had been a success; after a week of wondering how we were going to convert an empty shop into a theatre. Sam Coward & crew achieved the impossible; proud to share it with them (don’t worry I am not a cast member) and bring something really different and cultural to Mooloolaba. Bring on night 2 tomorrow! Min x

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    Natalie, that’s so wonderful to hear! Amy – friends are very much a blessing when they can do that. I have one word for you (after finding out the hard way last year) – backup. Or is that technically, two words?

  7. Lowpoint – My Mac deciding to eat my ENTIRE photo library.
    Highpoint – friend’s immediate response to my SOS to ensure I could get them all back. Which I am thanks to a brilliant program which transfers from your iPod to your computer. Sigh. Wedding and priceless memory photos – saved.

  8. Highlight of my week was the successful completion of the first Enlightened Goddesses Retreat in Vanuatu. An amazing week spent with incredible women, magical countryside and inspirational personal development. Life is great! x Natalie

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  10. Oh Nicky I can not think of anything better. Trackies (loving the CR ones BTW), a great book (I just finished ready the Paulina Simons – The bronze Horseman series…amazing!) and eating what’s left of my Easter Egg collection. Oh so glad its the weekend!

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    Simone, love those “plus” sides to school holidays. Add that to the no lunchboxes to organise. Hair very easy today and my thongs are on in preparation for pedi this afternoon. x

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    Oh, Kate, I’m so excited for your next big adventure! And there is nothing like a big clear out to pave the way for something new. I’m a big fan of going through your wardrobe and other stuff at least twice a year. You really do forget what’s in there!!

  13. The highlight of my week has been pretending that I was on holidays along with my kids. I have been wearing flats, little makeup, doing ‘easy’ hair. It’s been great! PS Loving Fabulous Fridays Nikki 🙂

  14. Loving your Fabulous Fridays Nikki … so great to read about things that are making people happy 🙂
    Highlights of my week … I’m packing to move 1200km north of Perth … so de-cluttering has brought me so much joy this week – it feels amazing! I seriously don’t need to go shopping for a while (well a couple of wks anyway) … I have been reunited with so many things I have completely forgotten about! Loving it!
    Happy Fabulous Friday to all!

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  16. My highlight of the week was to be able to keep all those balls juggling despite school holidays and without dropping one…. quality time for my work, quality time for my family, quality time for me. All up, kids are happy, clients are happy and I’m happy too!!!

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    For those who don’t know … comment above is from my gorgeous husband! And yes, he does know his sass & bide Black Rats from his Country Road sweat pants. And he loves shopping. Keeper!

  18. The jersey sweat pants were a sneaky pick up. They just appeared last Sunday morning walking themselves around the kitchen while I cooked breakfast. But they look great, way better then Black Rats…is it sad that I even know what they are?
    My highlight of the week was playing with my waterproof camera with the kids in the surf at Mooloolaba on Easter Monday. The waves had enough size and punch to be fun, the water temp was great and the cool pics that we fluked in taking have already been smattered all over facebook.
    Love the blog Nik x

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  20. Firstly, we surviving the school hols, all the kaos that goes with it , me working etc, kids happy, Maddi has been riding twice daily, which I am happy to see her commitment to the horses returning, calming for her too, she also had a friend over ( last time she was here broke a bone coming off one of the horses so was glad to return her in one piece !!!! ) going to IKEA on sunday have been trying to get there for months ( everything i would like will be last season stock lol lol ) and if i can sneak some time in today ( the day spa in Mooloolah is fab, very impressed !!!! would love to spend some time there today, very reasonably priced and knows her stuff !!! )so good week just trying to find some time for me !!! I am doing my principal license next week so excited little nervous so preparing for that. Have a nice weekend all x

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  22. My highlight for the week was going to DFO and purchasing a Brown knit cardi/poncho from Chelsea Design! Great to layer with in winter! It was $139.00 reduced to $19.00. What a bargain.

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