Fabulous Friday April 1. What’s made your week?

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In honour of my new-look blog, I’m starting a new weekly post, Fabulous Friday.  (I know it’s Thursday today but because tomorrow’s a public holiday, it sure feels like Friday!) Every week, I’ll share a little about my week, mostly good stuff, a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Leave a comment below!

1. Buy of the week:  Intentions bracelet $36.95 from Lisa Madigan (Gorgeous hand-crafted bracelet of plated silver beads, silver leather and a mother of pearl clasp.  Each day as you clasp the intentions bracelet shell button, set a new intention,  do something nice for yourself or someone else, anything, carry it with you, and then make it happen…)

2. Footy fever. Walking past Best & Less on way to book in organisational workshop at kikki k only to find racks of very cute kids’ State of Origin gear.  Bought Mr 4 a jersey.  It’s a bit big but that’s because I’d prefer to get more than one season out of it.  He thinks it’s a dress.  Husband is concerned.  But not as concerned as to current form of Broncos. (Please don’t insert Alfie Langer underwear joke here.)

3. Organised, me? Aforementioned kikki k workshop.  Husband does not know why I’ve booked in.  I’m most organised person he knows.  Yes, I do have those strengths but really just want to sit in the store for an hour and gaze longingly at stationery.  That’s ok, isn’t it?

4. Lady Gaga.  The lovely people at MAC Cosmetics sent me tickets to last Friday’s BrisVegas gig.  BEST. CONCERT. EVER. Only really knew half a dozen songs (as more a Triple J listener) but wow.  So many superlatives need to be inserted here – from the fashion, to the buffed dancers, to the thousands of teens teetering around in heels mimicking their hero.  Still buzzing.

5. Love. Aint love the sweetest thing?  MCed at wedding last Saturday for a couple I knew would get married from the moment I saw them together.   Other friends got engaged.  Knew they would get married from the moment I saw them together too.

6. Lust-haves of the week:

Lydia Jewels Paige necklace $60:  Jewellery designer Lydia-Jane Saunders has been inspired by the Art Deco architecture in the city around her.  This necklace features an Art Deco silver setting, green Swarovski crystals and one large purple crystal salvaged from an antique chandelier.

Spencer & Rutherford Lilou in Fox Glove ($439):  This glamourous over-sized, limited edition clutch features a silk blend metallic pink body and patent leather ruffle detail.  The interior features pink grosgrain lining with a brass numbered plate to prove Lilou’s special position within the collection. 


Cristiana del Mar turquoise bracelet ($44):  This is from a new limited edition range within Cristiana’s Saintly Charming range.  Love the Aztec turquoise glass beads.

7.  Here’s the biggie (well for me, anyway).  My website received a makeover and it went live on Monday.  One lovely reader wrote to me and said: “Love, love the new site. Very you! Slick and beautiful with feminine edginess!”  Yes, she is very much at the top of this year’s Christmas card list.  Also on my Christmas card list is The Blog Stylist.  Read what she had to say about my website makeover here.

So, over to you.  Did you buy something beautiful?  Did someone make your week?  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hey gorgeous Nikki,
    Love your website, blog and updates! You are amazing!
    Well what made my week? Being on holiday here in Sydney (love this city!!) with my beautiful children catching up with my brother who lives here and my mum over from NZ. We have done everything! I married two special friends at the beginning of the week, been out for a special birthday dinner, have played tennis, touch footy, been swimming, done yoga, walked everywhere, cooked with my Thermomix machine, watched great movies and played to my heart’s content with my children! Just need the husband home from overseas and it would have been complete! Home for a rest before departing for India!
    Kim xx

  2. What made my week was two things both clearly as vital as each other ! One was/is the amazing Serendipity attached to the set up of my new business commencing 13 April – when you are holding the Goddess’ hand, miracles happen all around you !
    And …. the other wonder of the week is my new ZU shoes, so Audrey Hepburn, men, woman and children have been in awe of them – they are a work of art! The more shoes, the closer to God.
    Love your work Nik, this is awesome xx

  3. what made my week is not losing an eye whilst out surfing at waikeke in hawaii. i may have a lovely gash and possible scar near my right eye but i have my sight and my mind so i count myself lucky!!!!!!!!!! happy days.

  4. Post
  5. What made my week? Free postage at http://www.australianflavour.com.au!
    Also finding Nutella at a Korean supermarket. The same supermarket where the manager told me he had visited Australia 20 years ago and “I should be so rucky, rucky, rucky, rucky, I should be so rucky in rove” is still a favourite song.

    And getting lovely Easter messages from my lovely friends.

    Have a great one!

  6. Post

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments – how good is it to reflect back on the week gone and realise how much you have acheived and enjoyed?! Happy Easter and spread the word about Fabulous Friday! It will be back next week.

  7. Great topic Nikki.

    A few things have made my week.

    1. Seeing that my Paige necklace is one of your lust-haves. Thank you
    2. Landing a big advertising styling gig. Since I started Lydia Jewels, my styling career has taken a side line so it’s been fun getting back into it.
    3. Picking up a Bianca Spender huge shouldered jacket on sale. Last one so had been reduced twice.
    4. Coming home on Monday before the sun went down for once, to find that I had a glass of red waiting and my favourite dinner on the stove. Was a treat.
    5. Getting organised for the Bridal Expo earlier than I thought and realising it is all going to go to plan (so far)

    How sad, all of mine, bar one are work related.

    Have a fabulous Easter Nikki xx

  8. Loving the new website and blog Nikki! I too am now off to check the date for Kikki-K workshop to see if I can also gaze at stationary. My week’s highlight was last weekend (but I am still claiming it) A lovely night away at Noosa and dinner at Wasabi (amazing). This week have been enjoying trialing some products from BioTherm – guest blog coming soon. Happy Easter everyone!

  9. Today I finish up working for someone else after seven years, and I’m excited! I’m launching my own business, specialising in writing and graphic design. My new business name is Witch Words… look out for my new website, coming soon! (existing site is http://www.aligncreative.com.au, but have mercy, it’s a work in progress!)
    Happy Easter everyone! If you need the words written for any or your marketing material or graphic design, contact me!

  10. Hi Nikki

    Totally LOVE your new blog … you should be sooo proud … it’s fabulous xx

    Now … what has made my week fabulous? LOVE! I met a guy about 3 wks ago and we clicked and we are in that honeymoon phase … awwwhhh. Early days … but with a bit of luck you’ll be MCing at our wedding too lol (oooh wishful thinking on my behalf) ha ha ha.

    Happy Easter!


  11. So glad I’ve found your fabulous site Nikki – you’re a powerhouse!!!

    & a big thank you for featuring my intentions bracelets – hope you love yours as much as I love mine!!!


  12. What made my week? Picking up a few pairs of cheap and fab shoes from Target. Yah! I love those seasonal wheels that you score at a great price and don’t care they may not be glued together with the same glue Barry that might use. They boost me and my outfit!

  13. Love the revamped website / blog Nikki.. your extremely talented!

    I have had an awesome week, changed departments at work – was in Marketing, however now in Events at the events centre @ maroochy..(note plug..)

    I am also really looking forward to the weekend as have lots of family & friends in town for my daughters Christening.. so lots of wining & dining coming up!

    Have a great Easter.

  14. What’s making my week? Well I managed to complete my daughter’s last grade 8 asssigment before end of term (with her help!!). Gosh I’m smart…hope I get an A+ and an extra easter egg. Great blog topic Nikki!

  15. Post

    Hi Leisa – happy holidays! And the bonus, you won’t have to do the work-school holidays juggle.
    Alena, I love the internet shopping gods … especially when they deliver a party in a box!

  16. Loving this blog! Friday is fabulous – especially when it has arrived a day early. Highlight of my week…long weekend party dress hastily ordered on Wednesday afternoon was just delivered to my desk. Thankyou internet shopping gods!

  17. What made my week is watching my son dance last night in DanceFever Interschool Dance and the fact im on holidays this afternoon for 2 weeks and I get to spend the holidays with my son! Happy Easter everyone!

  18. Post

    Hi Sarah, thanks so much – and just contact your local kikki k store for information on when they hold organisational workshops.
    Amy, that’s amazing – that’s brought on goose bumps. Enjoy time with your mum.

  19. What’s making my week – my Mum arriving from the UK in exactly 1 hour! We haven’t seen each other for years so it’s going to be a very special Easter 🙂 xx

  20. Wow, what a cool blog. Love, love the new bracelet. Ahh shucks you knew we were going to get married from the moment you saw us together…oh bless you.
    Where do you find out about these Kikki K workshops – I need someone to come in and just rearrange my whole desk.
    x ME

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