Straight locks rock. Global Keratin Hair Treatment: Part 2

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The diary of my first week with Global Keratined hair:

Day 2:  I am Miss Paranoia.  I can’t even walk to the bathroom without taking my umbrella (just kidding!).  There has been a serious amount of rain this week and rain is the enemy of newly Global-Keratined hair.  So far, I’ve avoided all water contact, although that has taken some serious yoga moves in the shower.  Also have been using cleansing wipes instead of my usual cleanser.  Woke up from first sleep and discovered it’s unvoidable to incur some “shape” to your hair.  It will “mould” to your head and shoulders depending on length.  Mine also kicks up a bit near ends because of my layers.  Am counteracting this with a quick iron with the ghds morning and night.

Day 2:  Enjoyed sleep in again today (cannot exercise for three days with newly Global Keratined hair as sweat and hair ties are also the enemy).  Cannot help but do regular hair flicks as still can’t believe that my hair feels this good – and swishy!

Day 3:  Fringe is getting decidedly greasy.  I notice but people are nice and say it isn’t.  Rain has slowed to the odd spit.  Yes, I still have my golf umbrella with me.

Day 4:  I leap out of bed and head straight to the shower – which happens to be in a hotel as I’m away for the weekend for a work seminar.  I’m nervous.  Will I still be straight?  And with only an on-the-wall hotel hairdryer to deal with it, it had better be.  Fears are unfounded.  Have dried hair just using fingers, no styling.  The result: hair that looks like I’ve just spent an hour blow drying and straightening.  Thank-you Global Keratin!

Day 7:  Second wash.  Had to get to a morning breakfast networking event so time was tight.  Washed and conditioned then just finger-dried.  Get lots of comments for very little effort. Me likey.  It doesn’t look like it did the minute I had the treatment done – mostly because of the layering in my hair.  Where those layers end, it kicks up.  During the three-day “setting” process, this was impossible to avoid.  It also doesn’t fall “straight” down at the back without extra ironing but it looks more natural this way for me, so I’m happy.  Feels incredibly silky smooth too.

… next test – cut and colour in another week’s time (you have to wait 14 days before you can re-colour).  Read on for the update!

My Global Keratined hair - one week later.

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