Straight locks rock. Global Keratin hair treatment: part 1

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It may be a personality thing (ok, all those who know me, know that it is!), but I like things neat. I like straight lines.  I like even numbers.  I like minimalism.

And that applies to my hair.  Yes, I’ve cavorted with some frivolous curls for special occasions but when push comes to shove, I feel at my best – and most confident – when my locks are at their straightest.

I’ve had a ghd since they arrived in Australia and I’ve previously had my hair chemically straightened – twice.  So it’s really not surprising that very few people realise that I have low-level, unruly, frizzy, wavy hair … because it’s rarely left to its own devices.

That's my wavy mop BEFORE Global Keratin

Enter stage left the new Global Keratin hair treatment which is taking the frizzy-hair-world my storm. Today was my chance to experience the treatment first hand*.  And I’m an instant fan.

The thing you have to keep in mind with Global Keratin is that it’s a hair treatment. Unlike chemical straightening, which grows out, Global Keratin will eventually wash out.

The trainer likened it to Botox.  After three to four months the wrinkles are back.  And like Botox, the more often you have the treatments, the longer your hair will stay “wrinkle-free”.

The advantage of this kind of treatment over chemical straightening is that it’s quicker for your hairdresser to apply and process, which brings down the cost and time in the chair**.

And the big plus – Global Keratin is actually improving the quality of each and every hair strand because the process “injects” keratin into the open hair cuticle. Keratin is the naturally occurring primary protein in hair, skin and nails.

The treatment starts with a brutal test of product build up on your hair.  Hair products leave build up that is not visible to the naked eye and depending on what you use regularly, there could be a lot of it!

That’s why a consultation BEFORE you book in for a treatment is essential.  Too much build up will stop any Keratin actually getting in.  Luckily, mine was low grade (still in existence, but not too bad – which was put down to my regularly using quality shampoos and conditioners).

Eek ... the product build-up in my hair

Here’s how it all went down:

1.  My hair is shampooed THREE times with a clarifying shampoo – the last shampoo was left on for five minutes to make sure any build up is given the old heave ho. 

2.  A Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioning Treatment is added (mandatory for blondes).  Twenty minutes under a shower cap later, it is washed out and my hair is blow dried until it is 100% dry.

3.  The Keratin Smoothing Treatment is applied in small sections and then combed through before processing for 30 minutes under a shower cap.

4.  Excess of the now gooey Keratin product is combed out of my hair using a fine tooth comb and my hair is once again blow dried 100% dry.

5.  The final step in the process is the flat ironing of the now-Keratined hair.  This is done on 3mm sections. The number of times each section is ironed (and the temperature used) depends on your hair type and condition.  Each of my sections is ironed five times.

6.  Voila.  Three hours later I have picture-perfect straight hair.

AFTER Global Keratin.  Love!

Now comes the tricky part.  You’ve just invested your time and hard-earned cash into this treatment.  There are a number of “care” rules which you need to follow so that it looks the best it can for as long as possible.

1.  Do not wash for 72 hours

2.  Do not wet your hair or get it sweaty.  If it does, blow dry and straighten immediately.

3.  No sunnies, hats, hair ties or tucking behind your ears – unless you want indents in your straight locks.

4.  Arm yourself for Day 4 with the Global Keratin shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.  These products are sodium-free.  If you use others, the sodium will eat out the Keratin long before its use-by-date.

5.  If you go swimming in the ocean or in a pool, wet your hair first and comb through the conditioner.  Then wash immediately after your swim.

6.  A new colour should not be applied for 14 days.

Will it be worth it? I’m told I should get eight weeks out of my first treatment. I’ll report back with my verdict in the next month or so.  At the moment, I’d say an unequivocal yes.  Having manageable hair that doesn’t require hours of styling is a big plus in my busy day – as a business woman and mum.

 *I eagerly put my hand up to be the training model for Halo of Mooloolaba.  Salon owner Naomi Carter was the first hairdresser to run ghds through my hair, she’s chemically straightened it a few years back and she always gets my colour just right.  Assisted by Dee, I was in very good hands.

**Global Keratin at Halo of Mooloolaba will start from $320 for short hair.  Cost will vary depending on hair length and how thick and coarse it is.


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  1. I would get the one called Cocoa keratin hair smoothing treatment, my sister got it like 4 months ago and her hair still looks awesome, so I’m saving up to get the whole kit online!! Can’t wait!!!! Your hair looks fab!

  2. I like your hair, and your legally blond color. I don’t usually have this kind of hair length for it causes my hair to fly away as it reaches my shoulder. And it doesn’t soothe the shape of my face. But totally like your hair.


  4. I have ridiculously, shirley temple-esque curly hair. I’ve done the global keratin treatment twice now, and have never been happier. I NEVER post on these things, but this product is so worth it i couldn’t help but post in response to those that say it’s not. Before, I’d need to spend an hour straightening my hair, just to have it go ridiculously curly again after sweating in a club, walking in the sun, or any other ‘sweat-worthy’ activity. Now, my hair stays straight. It’s thrilling. Sure, I still have to straighten some in the morning, but it takes about 10 minutes now AND it lasts all day even in heat!!! Furthermore, the keratin strengthens the hair and makes it shiny. Before, straightening so much made my hair frizzy and dried it out. Keratin protects it. I get comments all the time now at how healthy my hair looks. seriously amazing and worth every penny.

  5. This treatment is a waste of Money I still need to straighten my hair it has not reduced time taken to do my hair. Rather invest the money in a good straightener.

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