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Guest blogger:  Amy Remeikis is a married, twenty-something, beauty-and-fashion-obsessed journalist, who has swapped newspaper deadlines and police rounds for a year of teaching kids English … in Korea.

M.A.C Spring Colour Forecast Crushed Metal Pigment Stacked! 1 ($65)

The Facts:  Inspired by couture colour trends, the Spring forecasts are an explosion of shades and textures.  The limited life Crush Metal Pigment comes in two different colour stories – Stacked! 1 and 2, each with four shades of complementing and contrasting colours.  Each of the four colour stories comes as a complete look, with a limited life blush ombre added into the mix.

MAC Cosmetics Crushed Metal Pigment Stacked! 1 ($65)

Review:  Do you remember the feeling when you saw your mum’s make-up kit for the first time? All those magical pots and powders, which smelt amazing and looked even better? Do you remember how it felt the first time you were allowed a smear of lipstick, or like me, the first time you snuck in to experiment with eyeshadows and blushes?

That is how I felt when playing with M.A.C’s latest colour story – the Spring forecast.

I love Spring.  I love the colours, the scents and the fun.  Summer may be the sexiest season, with all that sunkissed skin and those hot nights, but Spring brings out the flirt in all us girls by putting a flounce in our skirts and a blush in our cheeks.

And now that Jack Frost is beginning to make noises about coming to visit Australia’s fair shores, when better to invoke the spirit of Spring? 

M.A.C is known for its innovation and originality in the make up world and while much of its clean-lined packaging can already be found in my make up cabinet, its latest collection just made me giddy.

Don’t be fooled by its metallic look – the crushed metal pigment glides on like a cream shadow and stays where you put it all day.

When I emerged from my first play with my new pots of fun, my husband let out a low whistle, declaring “your eyes look sparkly” before asking if it was heavy on my lids. It was an understandable question – the pigments do give you that rockstar look from the magazine – but the answer is a decided no.

Guest blogger Amy Remeikis trials MAC's new Crushed Metal Pigment Stacked! 1. Also used: M.A.C Well Dressed blush, M.A.C Up the Amp lipstick and M.A.C Frost eye shadow as a highlighter

The great thing about M.A.C collections, even the limited editions one like this one, is that they seamlessly blend into what is already in your cupboard. But if you are really in need of some Spring in your step, I recommend you check out the whole collection.

And while my pale skin receives a much needed boost from their pinks and lilacs, there are some beautiful golds, corals and violets to suit skin tones of all types.

Remember – just because the weather is cooling down, doesn’t mean you can’t keep things nice and hot.

Stockists:   All M.A.C locations,, or phone 1800 061 326.  On counter March 15.

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