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Guest blogger: Kaitlyn Akers (blotchy generally), mum to Pia almost 16 (beautiful skin), wife to Ben (great skin -so unfair), banker, student, surf club tragic who loves being outside playing in the sun and wishes she had more time to do so.

Edimi Beauty Travel Pack Skin and Body Care

The facts:  Travel pack $79, includes face and neck cleanser ($39) Deep Pore Cleanser ($55) Recovery Serum ($109) Eye rejuvenator ($79) Face and Neck rejuvenator ($99) facial enzymes ($69). These products are made from Mother Nature’s best ingredients, including cucumber, bay laurel, green tea, chamomile, rosemary and slippery elm to name a few.  These are delicately balanced and blended to create products that are gentle and effective.

The Review:  Having just started a new role with a fair bit of travel involved I was keen to see how the products would stand up against my ridiculous lifestyle. I loved idea of the tiny magic potion bottles working on my tired skin at night while I rested.  The sample jars included a tightening rejuvenator gel and alternative rejuvenating cream. The outstanding feature for me was the silkiness of the rejuvenating cream; it felt cool and soft when applied with a beautifully subtle fragrance. I first tested it prior to hopping on a plane and even after a few hours of airconditioning my skin still felt soft and hydrated. This will now be an essential addition to my “must pack” list.  The cleanser leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and deep pore treatment  is amazing: no burning feeling just skin refreshed and rehydrated. After just a week of use my skin has lost some of the sharp red patches and fine lines around my eyes are visibly reduced. 

Stockist: Collect your travel pack from Magda at Island Beauty – 11 Bega Place, Kawana Island 0414388 085 before your next trip!  General info:

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