Product review: Bush Essentials Professional Size Massage Oil $50

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Bush Essentials Professional Size Massage Oil 500ml $50

The Facts: Bush Essentials has launched the first product in their professional range, a 500ml Massage Oil, a rich, unique blend made by hand on the Sunshine Coast, using pure essential oils and all natural ingredients: Macadamia oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Patchouli, Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Bergamot. The result is a moisturising, rejuvenating yet relaxing multi-purpose massage oil.

Other products in the 100% natural Bush Essentials collection include Bush Essentials Body Scrub, Bush Essentials Moisturiser, Body Wash, Body Oil and Lip Balm. The products are safe to use during pregnancy (after the first trimester) and there is also a baby range.

Review: This was a treat to trial. I loved its moisturising, lightweight and absorbent formula as much as its delicious and very Australian bush aroma. As well as to enhance a full body massage, I used it in the shower and applied more afterwards, while I was still wet, to seal in the moisture and the delightful fragrance, for a great night’s sleep.

I found this blend to be more of an invigorating massage oil than I had expected, particularly since my search has been for the most relaxing one. Be advised: this was not it. With a professional masseuse for a husband, I was ready to melt into the massage table and remain asleep there until the smell of coffee brought me back to life the following morning. Instead, I found myself thinking about the coming week. The exquisite essential oils and intoxicating fragrance were, for me, more rejuvenating than relaxing. My release and relaxation tends to be anchored in Lavender and Rose Geranium (everybody has different anchors to different scents), so perhaps I should have expected this uplifting effect.  So rather than let me drift off into a deep sleep, Bush Essentials Massage Oil helped me to unwind on a different level and focus on my direction for the coming week.

This is not a bad thing, not least for day spas and salons, which I think we are sometimes welcomed into and once within, soothed into a multi-sensory state of deep relaxation and then gently pushed out and persuaded to re-join the real world against our will, before we are ready! I have often stumbled outside after a massage, eyes squinting even behind the dark sunglasses, trying to re-group and re-think the rest of my day, under the influence of heady oils and fragrances. Perhaps our day spas should remind us when booking: DON’T DAY SPA AND DRIVE. Or perhaps they should add Bush Essentials Professional Size Massage Oil to their range and alleviate the need for any such warning!


 Bush Essentials Professional Size Massage Oil $50

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