Product review: Antipodes Divine Face Oil

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Guest blogger: Jodie Mellors, registered nurse, beauty consultant and makeup artist, has just  hit her 40s … shhhh, is married with three children, 21, 18 and 14. She loves being active and participates in a range of activities – cycling is her favourite at present.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil $33

The facts:  Antipodes Divine Face Oil is a certified organic blend of premium pure plant oils and has avocado oil as its base. Avocado oil is high in chlorophyll, nature’s special antioxidant, which helps scavenge free radicals. Plant phytosterols provide protection from water loss in the skin and increase the surface lipids. Avocado oil is also high in esential fatty acids with excellent regenerative, restructuring, softening, moisturising and film-forming properties, and lutien with natural UVA sun-screening properties higher than those found in other plants.

The review: I was excitied to receive this product to trial. At the time my skin was feeling very dry and tired. Not usually a fan of putting oil onto my face, I really looked forward to giving it a try. I found the oil did not sit long on my skin, it was light and penetrated quickly, hydrating my skin. I found the fragrances of ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine, very refreshing and soothing. I loved applying it in the evening as an extra treat for my face and decolletage area. I followed it up with a night cream after it had settled into my skin. I’ve enjoyed using it and feel in one week that my skin has much improved in hydration and softness compared to a week ago.

Stockists:  Available at David Jones or online at

Antipodes Divine Face Oil $33

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