Curvy support for L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

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Unfortunately a trip to L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) wasn’t in the stars for me this year but it does sure warm the cockles of my fashion heart to share with you this report from one of the festival’s many shows.

m line (a fabulous Australian label I’ve previously written about) had its official launch on the LMFF program – and to great applause.

This label offers young (and young at heart) women with curves an on-trend fashion option that they will want to wear. Every day.

And here comes the exciting part.  They didn’t put their clothes on size 0, 2 or even 4 models for the launch.  No, they chose a bunch of fabulously curvy models lead by Australian superstar Laura Wells (she’s so in demand here and overseas) to showcase the label’s autumn/winter designs the way they should be.

m line has been developed by the team at Maggie T Corporation, which recognised that there was a gap in the market for edgy fashion beyond a size 12. (In fact they go up to size 24.) “It was great that LMFF showcased fashion for this market,” said general manager Joy Sillito.

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