Valentine’s Day tips for blokes

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I have given my husband plenty of kudos in the past for his skill in buying me just the right gift – sometimes for an occasion, sometimes just “because”.

But I have to ‘fess up … sometimes I really just can’t help myself in giving him some subtle (as a sledge hammer) “recommendations”.  You see, a lot of “training” goes into receiving just want you really want.

In the olden days I would perhaps have circled a junk mail catalogue or torn out a magazine page.  Now it’s as easy as sending him a weblink with a “xx” in the subject heading.

Does this take away from the surprise element (some would argue, yes, but when I give him LOTS of options, it’s ALWAYS a surprise what I end up with).  Basically, it’s a win-win scenario … so much so that he’s now employed the same method on me for getting what HE wants.

However, if your bloke needs a bit of a prod in the present department, then pass on these dos and don’ts – and gift ideas – and everyone will be happy on February 14.

1. Flowers.  Original floral arrangments are good … BUT … and it’s a very big but.  For maximum effect, they need to be delivered to your place of work.  Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, so why not start the weekend on a good note and send them Friday?  Then, follow up on the big day with something a little bit extra.

2. Fluffy toys. Do you see any fluffy toys in our bedrooms? No, we do NOT like fluffy toys (I don’t even like them for my kids!), so do not think just because it’s Valentine’s Day that we think differently.

3. Lingerie.  We like lingerie, it’s just YOUR idea of what constitutes lingerie and what we’d actually wear seem like distant cousins.  We like sexy, not skanky.  If you don’t know the difference, please get us a voucher.

4. Chocolates.  Sharing a family block while watching the footy is not romantic.  We like quality over quantity. Think exquisite Valrhona, think handmade.

5.  Champagne.  French.  That is all.

6.  Jewellery.  Yes, we like diamonds but we are GFC realistic.  Costume jewellery can give us a buzz too – particularly if it’s on trend (translation:  in fashion right now), hand crafted or a magnificent statement piece. We can send you numerous weblinks to guide you on this one.  You don’t even have to leave your computer to shop.

What tips do you have for men looking to buy their partner a gift this Valentine’s Day?  What’s the best pressie you’ve ever received?

Single? Why not treat yourself to one of these gift ideas below?  Hover your mouse over each image for details on where to buy them.

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