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Sunsilk Volume Booster Mousse $4.99

The facts: Pump up the volume with Sunsilk Volume Booster Mousse, which was created to give hair long lasting hold, while boosting volume at the roots where it needs it most.  Towel dry hair as usual. While blow drying make sure you lift your roots using fingers or a round brush.  Massage a small amount of mousse through your hair and style as usual. Promises to bless 20-something girls with amazing hair days. Every day.

The review: So, okay, I’m a “little” (ahem!) over the target market age, but I didn’t let that deter me from giving this new hair product a real tough test. The eye-catching lime green and hot pink can specifies “gravity defying for flat and limp hair” … just what I need to see me through the rigours of a day of 90% humidity at my stall at Eumundi Market. With a 4am alarm I don’t have time to wash my hair on market mornings, so I just shampoo and condition the night before and leave to dry naturally. I plug in the hot rollers with my eyes still half-closed and then apply a squeeze of this fresh scented mousse to my roots.  My only concern is that the inclusion of alcohol, high on the list of ingredients, combined with heat styling (applies equally to blow-drying) could make hair, which is fine and dry, even drier, but with the promise of  “long-lasting volume boosting technology”, I cast my hesitation aside. Thankfully, my hair stays flexible and smooth, making rolling easy and the curls, when released are springy without being stiff, dry and crispy (yuk !).  The directions say to use with Sunsilk Strong Hold Hairspray for longer hold. Not having any Sunsilk hairspray on hand, I use my John Frieda Thicken Hair spray instead. Result? Curls that stay buoyant past lunchtime, and considering the February weather this IS an accomplishment.  Actually, my hair still looks okay by the time I get home, so I have a quick shower and drag hubby off for a sunset glass of wine to congratulate myself.

Stockist Details:  Available in supermarkets. P 1800 061 027

 Sunsilk Volume Booster Mousse $4.99

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  1. I have tried this and L.O.V.E it! I usually just put some on my fingers and massage through my damp hair before going out somewhere casual, and by the time I get there my hair is bouncy and fantabulous. One day, I didnt even brush my hair and just put a little of this mousse and all my friends were commenting on my “gorgeous waves”. SCORE!
    Certainly dont recommend this!!

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