Product review: Sunpouch SPF 30+ Sunscreen Lotion

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Guest blogger:  Brie-Anne Wilson, a 23-year-old beauty blogger from the very sunny Gold Coast, who was  was very interested in being able to review this sun care product.

 Sunpouch 30+ Sunscreen Lotion $7.95

The facts:  The Sunpouch is Australian made, environmentally friendly packaged and fragrance free. It offers broad spectrum protection and is four hours water resistant. It protects your skin from UVA, the rays that help prematurely age your skin by damaging collagen and elastin and UVB rays which helps to over produce melanin which causes freckles, age spots and tanning. Available in three designs and a kids’ designed pouchie, they are easily re-sealable with the screw top lid to the foil pouch.

The review:  Being fragrance-free, the Sunpoch doesn’t have that awful scent that some sunscreens have and doesn’t interfere with your perfume. The lotion itself isn’t greasy and absorbed easily into my skin. Another thing that’s a definite bonus is the packaging. The secure screw top lid and foil pouch is great for just popping in your bag without the fear of it spilling all over your purse. The foil packs are stylishly designed in three options and come in a convenient 75ml size.

Available in pharmacies nationwide.

Sunpouch SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion $7.95 each

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