Product review: Pantene Deep Fortifying Collection

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Guest blogger:  Simone Bell,  a 37 year old Mum – with three girls aged nine, 10 and 11. Has been with her wonderful husband for 20 years (but not sure where that time has gone!). Previously worked in media in advertising but decided to go back to study graphic design which she is doing by correspondence. Spends lots of time teaching herself more and more about photography, which is her passion.

Pantene Deep Fortifying Collection:  shampoo $7.69;  conditioner $7.69 and treatment $6.99

Pantene Deep Fortifying Treatment $6.99

The facts: Procter & Gamble beauty scientists have recently upgraded Pantene’s Deep Fortifying Collection to feature the brand’s new Precision Blend Technology. A complete three-step regimen, the advanced Pro-V formula targets the weakest part of the hair to strengthen and noticeably reduce hair fall due to breakage. Start with the Deep Fortifying Shampoo, designed to both cleanse and nourish the hair and follow withPantene Deep Fortifying Conditioner, which delivers conditioning ingredients. Complete this with weekly use of the Pantene Deep Fortifying Treatment to help repair damaged hair and protect undamaged hair.

The review:  As an ex hairdresser, I am skeptical of “supermarket brand” hair care, but was surprised at the results of Pantene’s Deep Fortifying Collection. Having coloured hair, I was impressed with the cleansing feeling of the shampoo, and the ease of combing through the conditioner. There was a noticeable difference in hair breakage after using the treatment. I loved the feeling of the treatment gliding through my hair, easily spreading from root to tip. I was also pleasantly surprised by my hair not feeling weighed down afterwards. 

Stockists:; ph 1800 028 280.  Available in supermarkets, specialty stores and pharmacies nationally.

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